Covid-19 response & updates

We’re committed to the health and safety of our clients, staff and community.

Mini Maid COVID-19 policies and procedures.

The health and safety of our clients, staff and community is our number one priority. Here you will find updated information on our COVID-19 policies and procedures. As we continue to follow the CDC and World Health Organization this page will be updated to reflect new regulations that may affect how we operate.

    Mini Maid COVID-19 new policies and procedures:

    • All staff have completed an online training program about cleaning in a COVID-19 world.
    • We have reviewed proper handwashing with all staff.
    • To reduce the number of team members in your home at one time, when possible, we will work in teams of 2 and never more than 3.
    • Employees now wear anti-microbial uniforms (scrubs).
    • Employees will use fresh gloves while cleaning your home and have been trained on properly removing gloves to avoid contamination. 
    • All employees wear masks in your home and in the office.
    • Temperature checks are performed on staff every morning.
    • We use disinfectants recommended by the CDC.
    • During every cleaning, we sanitize all high touch areas.
    • Cleaning cloths are never transferred from one home to another.
    • Cleaning cloths are washed and disinfected daily. 
    • We use commercial grade cleaning equipment that contains HEPA filters as well as hospital grade microfiber cloths.
    • We purchased new state-of-the art vacuums with HEPA filters.


    What we ask of our clients:

    • If possible, be out of the home during cleanings. When not possible, remain in one room. 
    • Let us know immediately if you or someone in your family hasn’t been feeling well or had an elevated temperature. 
    • Let us know immediately if you or someone in your family has been in contact with an individual who may have COVID-19. 


    What you can do:

    As with any illness, one of the best ways to prevent getting sick is to practice good hygiene. This includes doing things such as:

    • Washing hands often with soap and water.
    • Using hand sanitizer when washing isn’t available.
    • Cover coughs and sneezes and wash your hands after.
    • Stay home if you aren’t feeling well. 

    To make sure you’re getting your home CLEAN not just tidy, follow the tips below:


    • Disinfect high touch surfaces such as lightswitches and door knobs with Lysol or another disinfecting spray. 
    • Use cleaners appropriately. Many cleaning agents need to “sit” for a period of time in order to properly disinfect. Skipping this step could mean leaving an active virus on your counter. 
    • Use cleaners on the recommended list by the CDC.  
    • Clean your home regularly. 


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