The team at Mini Maid is dedicated to providing our valued clients with the highest quality cleaning services possible, and we also enjoy getting to know our customers and forming relationships. The very best compliment we can receive is positive feedback from a satisfied client whose day was made better as a result of our services.

It has been an absolute pleasure having Mini Maid clean our home each week. As a business owner, I am definitely guilty of letting at-home duties slide. I finally made the decision to have Mini Maid clean our home on a bi-weekly schedule, and I have never been happier. The attention to details is so great, and they are always so open for feedback, too. Carol, the owner, has been so wonderful to work with. If you have any need for cleaning services, and need more hours in your day like I do, then I cannot recommend Mini Maid enough!

Carlee Daylor

For more than twenty years Dr. and Mrs. Ramsey were satisfied Mini Maid clients. Over that time, the couple grew very close to their cleaning team and meaningful relationships were formed. When Dr. and Mrs. Ramsey decided to sell their home and move into The Village, the Mini Maid team and the couple were mutually devastated that their long-time relationship would have to come to an end.

After just three months of residing in The Village, Dr. and Mrs. Ramsey determined that they were not yet ready for retirement living, and they decided to move to a new home in Gainesville. They rescheduled their service with Mini Maid, but used a made-up name the first time they did so. They wanted to surprise their cleaning team when they opened the door and saw them again! Needless to say, the team was shocked and thrilled to see Mrs. Ramsey open the door, and Dr. Ramsey was ready with the camera to capture the joyful reunion. The group spent the next couple of hours chatting and catching-up. This is a perfect example of how important and valued our clients truly are to us!

Dr. and Mrs. Ramsey

Like so many people these days, valued Mini Maid clients Leith and Ashley have a lot going on each day. With a toddler, two dogs, an office they run out of their home, and family members in the construction industry who tend to track dirt around with their work boots, it seemed like keeping a clean, tidy house was nearly impossible. That’s why Leith and Ashley were so relieved when, in 2014, they began to enlist the services of a trusted Mini Maid team.

“We have a home office and are constantly in and out of the house on weekdays. We love the fact that our Mini Maid team is so efficient – they are in and out quickly so we’re able to continue on without interruption. It’s hard to explain the joy I feel when I get home on the day that Mini Maid has come. It’s amazing coming home to a clean house!” says Ashley.

Mini Maid is so pleased to be able to provide fantastic clients like Ashley and Leith with cleaning services that give them more time to spend with their family. As Ashley says, “Mini Maid doing the cleaning means more time doing the things we love as a family – taking walks, traveling, and participating in local activities in the community.”

Ashley and Leith Finnegan

The Mini Maid crew did a fantastic job getting our house cleaned prior to moving out! They were great at hitting all the hard to reach places in the kitchen, bathroom, windows and blinds. Will definitely use them again! Thank you, Mini Maid, we couldn’t be happier!

Lee Weaver

Tina and her husband had two kids who were both in high school. Trying to juggle all of their soccer games and band concerts while also balancing work life was causing Tina a lot of stress until she began scheduling services from Mini Maid. When asked about how her Mini Maid cleaning team has affected her life, Tina said, “Mini Maid has literally helped me raise my kids. Without their help, I’m not sure I could have stayed sane through it all. I feel like they are part of my family.”


Ramona has been a loyal Mini Maid client for more than twenty years! Originally referred to their services by her sister-in-law, Mary Chance, Ramona now has Mini Maid visit her law office each week and her home every other week. Ramona says she loves the way her home and office look and smell after a Mini Maid visit and that she also enjoys the feeling of having one less item on her always hectic “to do” list. Mini Maid’s services also allow Ramona to spend more of her free time reading books, her favorite hobby.

Ramona’s favorite story to tell about Mini Maid is that when her mother-in-law passed away and Carol heard about it she sent over her cleaning team for an unscheduled, complimentary cleaning. She says it was the best possible gift at the best possible time and she remembers how thankful she was to this day.

Ramona Chance

We were connected with Mini Maid because they participate in a program to help patients undergoing chemotherapy by offering a free cleaning. Considering the service was free, I was grateful and prepared for ANY level of assistance regardless of how thorough. I am elated to report that they did an INCREDIBLE job. They took care of everything and THOROUGHLY. From wiping down the appliances, to dusting decorative based boards, to cleaning under and around books on a shelf, no stone was left unturned. Thanks, Mini Maid!

Paolo Estrada

The lovely ladies from Mini Maid came over and cleaned our house yesterday. I really could not believe how clean it was. They did an amazing job! I thought I could clean, but these ladies really make sure everything is spotless! They made my bathroom look brand new! They were able to remove all the yuck from my shower and shower door. They even cleaned the grout on my floors. My children came home and said, “How come when you clean the house doesn’t look like this?” We are very impressed by the professionalism, courtesy, and ability!

Angela Sattes

We have used Mini Maid now for several years and they are great. The members of the cleaning teams are hard-working, efficient and cordial. We have absolutely no complaints and would definitely recommend them for residential or commercial services.

Stephanie Miller

Mrs. Brown was the caretaker for her ailing husband, Bill, and she relied heavily on her Mini Maid cleaning team to relieve her of the burden of house cleaning so she could spend more time with her husband. When asked what she considered to be the greatest value Mini Maid brought to her, she responded, “I just don’t know where I would be without them. They took so much pressure off me when Bill was sick. I just can’t take care of the house by myself. Mini Maid is keeping me healthier and independent so much longer. My children are thankful, too!”

Mrs. Brown


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