The holidays are here and in full swing!  The trees are lit, the carols are playing and kids from 6 to 66 are in anxious anticipation.  But what’s also here?  Endless lines, bargain hunting and budget busting.

Had enough and looking to make this year a little different?  If you are reluctant to spend too much or are tired of the gadgets, homemade gifts are a great idea. They can be cost effective and very thoughtful, leaving a lasting memory and good use for your little ones. Ranging from practical to decorative, it’s a good idea to have a plan for homemade gifts before you start hacking fabric. Think about the person and realize that everyone will appreciate something different. Create gifts that will dazzle and maybe even inspire. So start with these suggestions and see what works best for you.

Stuffed animal – Soft and cuddle play animals have had a long history as child’s toys for their simplicity and ability to stimulate imaginations. Even today, where technology is prevalent, a classic stuffed animal can amuse and inspire way more than their tablet. Use any scrap fabric or old sheets that you find around the home. Stuffing from an old pillow or newspaper can be used for structure. Stray buttons that you keep in junk drawers can be used for eyes and thread can be made into a mouth. The animal doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, the rustic look is on trend right now… use it to your advantage!  Embrace the simplicity.

Art Organizer – There’s nothing a stack of clean white paper and a fresh box of markers or crayons.  Kids will love the freedom of drawing what their imaginations give them. Dress it up with a beautiful art box to store their treasures!  Store bought art boxes can be costly, but if you make it yourself you can save a pretty penny. At your local craft or art store you can find inexpensive sketch pads, markers, crayons, pencils, erasers, paints, brushes and ink pens. All of these can be included in your box or tailor it to the child and what you think they will like. Another options is to buy a simple wooden box that you ask them to paint when they open the present.

Snow Globes – The swirls and scenic landscape have captivated many children over the decades. Snow globes are great decorations to kids’ rooms. A homemade snow globe just includes confetti, a mason jar, mod podge, and whatever you want to fill it with. Make a scene that you think would be best for your child and glue it to the inside of the mason jar’s lid. Fill the mason jar with water or oil then drop in the plastic confetti. Screw on the lid and hot glue the edges shut (you know they’re going to try to open it!). Flip your creation over and you have a homemade snow globe!

But don’t stop there!  Give yourself the gift of time this year and get those creative juices flowing!  Too bogged down with the “to do” list for the holidays?  Mini Maid of Gainesville can help free up the time for cleaning … call today and enjoy sharing more of you this holiday.  That’s the best gift you can give, anyway.

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