When your table becomes the center of attention at Christmas, it’s nice to have a centerpiece worthy of the spotlight. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase. You can create a beautiful, awe-inspiring table decoration with ease and creativity. Plus, the ideas and instructions below may give you the boost you’ve been looking for.

Christmas is about color and nature. The tree you’ve drug in the house now has a coat of color and sparkle. It’s a beautiful contrast of decorations and nature. Your door sports a wreath, yet another Christmas staple where nature meets decor. This Christmas theme that combines the simplicity of nature and the sparkle from decoration can be incorporated into your table centerpiece too.

Here are three simple ideas to help you get started.

Table Christmas Tree.

All it takes are some clippings from your bushes, a white or red coffee or tea cup, glue, and some leftover Christmas tree decorations.

  1. Place some good looking clippings from your outdoor bushes or trees into a white or red cup. Choose a cup and color that fits your style.
  2. You may need some foam in the cup to keep the clippings in place, which you may have on hand or which you can purchase at any hardware store.
  3. Next, comb through your box of decorations and find some small balls or other small decorations you can glue to the clippings. If it makes your clippings look like a tiny Christmas tree, go for it. Plus, if you have any food or cake decorations, check to see if those will work too.
  4. Feel free to add a random selection of decorations around the base, such as ornaments, pine clippings or colorful wrapping paper. These will add a nice accent around the base of your small Christmas tree.

Holiday Table Setting

Pile of Presents.

Find some old boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, or pine clippings and add a few ornaments and you have a beautiful and fun centerpiece.

  1. Think pyramid. Find a variety of different size boxes small enough to fit on your table. You want different sizes, so you can stack them.
  2. Wrap each of the boxes in alternating colors or patterns. You don’t want the first box of the stack to have the same wrap as the second. Every other box should be the same.
  3. Stack your wrapped boxes on top of each other and wrap a colorful ribbon around them or arrange in a small pile.
  4. Glue bows, ribbons or some Christmas tree trimmings to the top to make it more festive.
  5. Place the whole stack on a nice serving tray or arrange cinnamon sticks, dried figs or cloves around the wrapped boxes.
  6. You can create one big pile of presents as a single center piece or you can create several smaller ones to strategically place around your table and home.

Christmas Table Decoration

Vase of Ornaments.

If you have a good sized vase, a couple of mason jars, Christmas tree ornaments, and some candles, you have all it takes to create an amazing centerpiece for your holiday table.

  1. Fill a large vase or pretty dish with different colored ornaments, but make sure they all match your overall decor.
  2. Next, place some small candles in two mason jars or similarly sized jars. If you have them, feel free to put some non-flammable decorations in the bottom of the jar around the base of the candle. Cake decorations can work well for this purpose but if you have any doubt about starting a fire, go ahead and leave out those decorations. Remember, you don’t have to light the candle but someone else might.
  3. The vase of ornaments will be at the center with the two candle jars flanking the vase.
  4. Use some decorative ribbon to wrap around the bottom of the jars and vase to pull it all together and make it look like one centerpiece.
  5. You can always add some pine clippings or pine cones to take it up a notch. If you have it, you can paint the pine cones silver, gold or whatever color adds to your decorations.

Holiday Table Setting

The number of do-it-yourself table decorations are only limited by your imagination. You already have the materials in your home and if you don’t have them all, maybe you just need glue or spray paint. But it’s super simple and can be ultra elegant when done right.

If you don’t use one of these beautiful DIY ideas to decorate your table, I hope you’ve been inspired to create your own masterpiece. Have fun. Get creative. Enjoy the holidays.    


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