You are a few days past your declaration that this will be the best year of your life. You still haven’t started going to the gym or cut back on your chocolate intake, the same resolutions you’ve been making for three years now. Really?

It’s OK! New Year’s resolutions are always difficult to remember when you are sitting in front of a triple layer chocolate cake. However, there are some steps you can take so you find yourself sticking to the goals you mapped out this time around.

  1. Reassess the goals you have set. Sometimes the goals you outline simply aren’t right for you or are unreachable. Being true to yourself is the first step to finding goals you can actually manage. It is OK to create phases to your resolutions. It’s even pretty smart. Try simply reducing the amount of salt and sugar in your diet. Maybe only join one weekly class at the gym? If you make a plan that is attainable and realistic you are less likely to be easily discouraged.

  2. Have a reward system for your goal. If you are looking to save money, keep a detailed budget for the week but put in a day for the movies so you don’t feel the restriction so much. Giving yourself a purpose to work for is the best way to be successful. Usually incentives give people more motivation and enthusiasm for a task. Rewards do not have to be a physical object. It can be mental or emotional. Looking at yourself in the mirror and giving positive reinforcement can work just as effectively. A self-compliment is as important as compliments from others. So when you create this list, make benchmarks that you are working for and reward yourself at every mark. This will break up the goal and make it feel less imposing.

  3. Share your goal with friends and family. Announcing it to your loved ones will make your goal more solid in your mind. Once you vocalize it and others have heard it, it will seem more real in your head. This will give you added determination to start your goal. Sharing it with friends will also keep you accountable. They will be able to ask you about your progress and encourage you to keep on going. That accountability will help you stay motivated. Along with this, you can also include those around with in your resolution. This will give the group encouragement to stay on the path. If you want to change your diet, you may start a family initiative where you all eat three vegetarian meals a week. This will give you extra encourage and support if others are going through the same thing as you are.

So when you are questioning your sanity for the resolutions you set this year try using these steps to help you going. So keep calm and carry on — with your goals! Remember when you are too tired from your workout to clean, keep Mini Maid of Gainesville in mind.


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