Just because our mission is to help you have more time for fun doesn’t mean we don’t let our own hair down every now and then. And one of our favorite ways to have fun? Gator football, of course! 

But don’t worry, we stay true to our mission. To make sure you have just as much fun this football season as we will, here are 4 tips for the perfect Gator football party. 

Prep the Playing Field

In anticipation of your football party, you’ll need to do a little prep work. To start, you’ll want to make sure your home is clean and ready for guests. Consider cleaning your home the weekend before hosting. This way you can just touch up throughout the week. Don’t have time? Consider hiring a cleaning company. Many will do one time cleanings. Just be sure to give them notice!

Don’t forget the patio and porch. Give both a good sweep and make sure any outdoor furniture is free from pollen. Additionally, make sure you have enough propane or charcoal if you’ll be grilling and plenty of ice for drinks. Last but not least, stock up on some basic supplies. Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, napkins and plates. 

Signature Drink

Every party should have a signature drink. It’s an easy way to add a little fun and creativity to your get together. To take it up a notch, buy some festive cups or straws from the Dollar Store or a Party Store. And of course, it HAS to be orange or blue. Click here for a citrus inspired orange party punch that includes scoops of sherbet. YUM!

Want to make your signature drink adults only? Add champagne to this recipe. Just make sure your guests know the punch is spiked!


You don’t want your guest to miss kick-off, so it’s best to start your party at least 30 minutes before game time. This will allow guests to arrive and get settled with a snack – and grab a cup of your signature drink of course. Additionally, post-game you’ll want time to celebrate a big Gator win. 

With this down time, you’ll need some activities ready. Cornhole is an obvious must but it doesn’t have to stop there. Horseshoe, ladder toss and bocce ball are all tailgating staples. For extra pizzazz, set up a selfie station. Kits including glasses, mustaches, and ties are available online. 

And don’t forget the little ones. If kids are going to be attending, have a table set up with crayons, markers, pom poms, glue sticks and construction paper (make sure it’s orange and blue!). Also, put a basket with balls, bubbles and sidewalk chalk in it. This will surely keep them busy. 


Football games last at least 3 hours. You can expect that during this time your guests are going to get pretty hungry. While chips and dip are nice, you’re going to need something a little more substantial if you don’t want everyone to bail at halftime.  

Hamburgers and hotdogs are common go-tos, but feel free to get a bit more creative. Chicken wings are also easy to throw on the grill and if you’re lucky, they’ll be BOGO at Publix. Other ideas? Do a spread of deli meats and cheeses. Add some fruit, crackers and nuts and you can easily fill up even the hungriest Gator fan. 

And don’t forget dessert! You and your guests are going to want a sweet treat to celebrate a Gator win. Skip the cake. Handheld desserts work much better. Cupcakes, cookies and brownies are all good choices. Want to go all out? Get custom designed gator cookies from our friends at I Made That! Custom Designed Cookies & Confections. Their treats are gorgeous AND delicious!

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