Summer is the perfect time for kids to enjoy the outdoors and keep busy spending time with friends and family. During this break, schedules tend to change quickly and become a little hectic, which can make it challenging to ensure that your kids are eating the healthy foods they need to grow. Here’s a list of a few simple and delicious dishes to help keep them healthy (and you sane)!

  1. Banana and Almond Pancakes
    With just a few  simple ingredients, you can have your child wake up to a delicious and nutritious breakfast that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare! Check out the recipe! (Bonus Tip: Fruits, natural syrup and honey are excellent healthy replacements for commercial pancake syrup.)
  2. Egg Sandwich
    Scrambled or fried egg sandwiches are healthy and delicious and can be eaten at any time of day. In just a few minutes, you can make a yummy egg sandwich that serves up a powerful punch of protein to keep your child fueled for the day.
  3. Chicken and Bean Burritos
    If you and the kids have a busy day ahead of you, a chicken and bean burrito is a perfect lunch option. This filling recipe is packed with healthy proteins and you can add a variety of veggies to add vitamins and flavor. Best of all, it can be prepared quickly and makes for excellent leftovers!
  4. Chicken Nuggets:
    Follow this easy recipe to bake your own healthy, homemade chicken nuggets! These nuggets are far healthier than the greasy, fried variety but are just as tasty. And your children will have no idea that their snack time just got much healthier!
  5. Beef and Broccoli Bowl:
    Conclude a long, eventful day with healthy vegetables and savory beef. This stir-fry dish will change even the pickiest child’s mind about eating their veggies. A delicious mix of rice, vegetables and beef (or any kind of meat you prefer,) this fast dish is sure to be a hit. Add a dash of soy sauce, and you’ll have a new family favorite.

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