Are you about to make the move to a new house or apartment, or are you a homeowner who recently had renters move out of a property? In either case, it will likely be necessary to complete a total, top-to-bottom cleaning of the space in order to ensure that you’ll be comfortable to live in it or rent it out again.

Let’s face it, many people are less than thorough when they are cleaning before vacating a house. Therefore, it’s often left to the property owner (or new homeowners or tenants) to take on the task of removing dirt, grime and dust that has been left behind in corners, crevices and cabinets.

Luckily, there’s no easier time to clean than when a space is completely empty! It’s a great idea to take the time to clean before your furniture, appliances, boxes and other belongings are moved into the home, or before your new renters show up with all their stuff.

The team at Gainesville Mini Maid are the local experts at cleaning homes before and after a move, so we’ve compiled the following 5 steps to help you do it right! (Of course, the easiest method is to schedule one of our cleaning teams to come in and handle it for you.)

The Kitchen

The kitchen is definitely the place to start! Begin with this room, because who wants to cook and hang out among the gunk and old cooking smells of a home’s former tenants?! Also, be sure to pull out the refrigerator and clean behind it and check out the stove hood as lots of hidden grime can build up in these areas. Clean the kitchen well to ensure your family or new renter will feel perfectly at home in the new space!

Cabinets and Cupboards

These enclosed spaces are among the top contenders for being ignored or rushed through quickly by the home’s former occupants. Use a mild cleaner to clean the inside of cabinets and cupboards, especially if they’re painted or lined. If they aren’t lined, consider using a liner to ensure that the insides are ready for your belongings. Clean the top of cabinets and cabinet doors. To remove stubborn stains, use baking soda and water.

Scrub Tubs, Toilets & Sinks

Use a chlorine-free bleach to clean all the metal and porcelain surfaces of your home’s sinks, tubs and toilets to remove germs, hairs and dust particles that may have been left behind. Spray surfaces well and let them soak before rinsing thoroughly.

Wipe Down Walls

Unless previous occupants (or a landlord) recently painted the interior walls of your new home, you may want to clean them or at least wipe them down. If it’s a house that has been occupied by small children, look for fingerprints closer to the floor and around light switches and corners.

Liquid stick cleaners work well to remove tough stains. Another great solution for sticky spots is to apply a small amount of fabric softener to a sponge and rub it on the area. Whatever has stuck to the wall will quickly disappear!

Clean the Floors

If you’re moving into a home with carpet, consider hiring a professional cleaner to steam clean them prior to moving in. If that doesn’t seem necessary, then your new home probably just needs a good session with a vacuum. For wood floors sweep the floor well and then clean under heating vents and appliances.

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