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If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably grown immune to the smell of your pets. But somewhere in the back of your mind there is always that paranoia: “does my house smell like dog to my guests?”

Here are a few ways to try to keep the puppy perfume under wraps.

1. Vacuum Regularly. Have you ever pet your dog and then smelt your hand. Animals, like humans, excrete natural oils from their skin. This natural scent is then absorbed by the coat that covers them. So as your dog roams about the house his fur sheds onto the carpet and furniture causing the whole area to take on the scent. Vacuuming eliminates the problem at the source, and vacuuming regularly prevents the scent of settling in and completely saturating the area.

2.  Groom Regularly. Speaking of eliminating the problem at the source, bathing your pet every two-three weeks and brushing their coat regularly can make a dramatic difference. Brushing regularly helps catch the fur before it sheds. Bathing will keep the smell under control, just be careful not to over-bath as it can dry out their skin.

3. Work Smarter, not Harder. Dogs dig and get dirty if they are allowed. Be aware of the areas you’re letting your animal play. Avoid areas with little grass after heavy rain to prevent mud tracking. Also, if your dog is a swimmer, keep an eye out for heavy run-off water areas, ponds or creeks that could have fertilizers, pollutants or other hazardous and smelly toxins.

5. Puppy Proof the Accidents. If your pup isn’t potty trained yet, you may notice that they continue to “accident” in the same spot. This may be because the spot hasn’t been properly cleaned. After cleaning the area, sprinkle a little baking soda over it to deodorize the spot. Certain brands even make stain remover with baking soda included specifically for pet stains.


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