As fun as it may be to load up the minivan with all of the kids and their friends, it is NOT fun to clean up the sand that comes home with you. It can be time consuming to shake out rugs and lug out the vacuum after every trip to the beach. And if sand does end up in the house, don’t worry about it. Let MiniMaid do the vacuuming for you! But do check out these must reads before you plan a trip to the beach:

Bring baby powder or cornstarch. Cornstarch and baby powder are great for removing moisture from your skin so you can easily wipe off the clumps of sand on your arms and legs. DIY fanatics can reuse old flannel shirts by cutting out one of the pockets , filling it with cornstarch and sewing it shut. This way, you have a small hackey sack sized pouch, filled with the good stuff, ready to dust away that sand. Just rub the pouch on your sandy areas and, POOF! No more sand! Bottles of baby powder are convenient for pouring purposes, but be careful because it can be dangerous if inhaled by a baby

Keep a old big bristled make-up brush in the car. Sand finds its ways into the tiny cracks in shoes, behind the ear and who knows where else. Sweep a soft-bristle brush on your shoes and feet before you get into the car. You can even use it to dust off your beach chair, snorkeling gear and frisbee!

Lay it down, a towel that is. Completely cover the trunk of your car with an old sheet to collect the wet sand from the bottom of the cooler. The same can be done for seats. Just carefully remove once everything is unpacked and shake that sand away.

Purchase a Waterhog mat. Waterhog mats were designed with the sandy kid in mind. These mats have a “water dam border” that capture water and residue that is typically found at the bottom of feet and shoes. Prices range from $30-$50 but if strategically placed at front and back doors, you could save so much time if you’re not cleaning.

Beach toy bag. Instead of lugging all of the tools to make a sand castle into that plastic red wagon and dragging it across the sand and into the parking lot, make your life a little easier by purchasing a large, mesh bag for all of the toys. They are easy to shake the sand out of and can be thrown in the washer after a trip to many to the beach.

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