Many families are finding themselves busier than ever. Between careers, family obligations, raising children and running a household, there is often little to no time left for simply having fun or relaxing. This constant  “strapped for time” feeling leads to fatigue, poor diet choices and insomnia. 

The solution? 

Buy more time.

Ok, I know you can’t literally buy extra time. 24 hours is 24 hours. BUT you can outsource household tasks freeing you up to spend more time on self care, time with the people you love and having more fun. 

Here are 6 household chores you should consider outsourcing.

Grocery Shopping

We all have to eat and let’s face it, grocery shopping is time-consuming. Fortunately many stores now participate in grocery delivery. You can order your groceries online and they show up at your door and at the time you select. Magic! This can be a huge timesaver. While you’re waiting for the dentist, in line at the bank or at home while little ones are napping, simply log on and make your order. And voila! Groceries get delivered. 

Meal Prep

Working late or evening ball games for the kids can mean little time for dinner prep. Instead of another late night dinner or picking up yet another pizza, use a meal prep service. Chef Ami is a local meal kit delivery service. Local, fresh ingredients arrive at your doorstep – the right ingredients and the right amounts with an easy to use recipe. 

Don’t even want to cook? No problem. Eat the 80 will deliver cooked meals to your door! Their chefs create delicious healthy meals from fresh ingredients. Not too mention their kitchen is gluten-free and they source produce from local farmers.

School Drop-Off/Pickup

Oh, that drop-off circle! School drop-off and pickup can take up a lot of time, especially if you have kids attending different schools. Fortunately Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency can help with just that! Twinkle Toes nannies can assist with a variety of childcare needs including pickup and drop-off from school and extracurricular activities as well as help with homework and meal prep. 

Not ready to hire that out? Ask neighbors if they’d be interested in carpooling. If you didn’t have to take the kids to school even 2 days a week, that’d be a huge timesaver. You may even have time for a spin class!


Amazon isn’t just for Christmas gifts. You can get everything from paper towels and laundry detergent to shampoo and dog food delivered to your doorstep. And if you’re a prime member, many of these items will be delivered in two days. You can also opt for auto deliveries which will not only save you time every month but 5% on your purchase. Seriously, you never have to leave your house again!


Keeping your home clean is no easy task. It can take upwards of an hour per day just to keep your house clean. Consider hiring a cleaning company like Mini Maid. Just imagine having a team of 4 come in and clean your entire home, often within an hour or so. Mini Maid offers a variety of options as well, including weekly, monthly and as needed cleanings. Even if you just outsource your house cleaning once per month, you’d be gaining back hours of time. 

Lawn Care

Just as the inside of your home needs tending to, so does the outside. We live in Florida and grass here grows fast! Between mowing, edging and trimming hedges, you could easily spend an entire Saturday afternoon tending to yardwork. Only to head out into the blistering heat next weekend to do it all over again. Hire a lawn company to lighten the load. Sun Power Lawn Care uses electric equipment eliminating the need to use gas. This means no pollutants around your home and results in a much quieter mow.  Spend Saturday by the pool not mowing grass.

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