Have you ever walked into your home, inhaled deeply, and not liked the way it smells? Or, perhaps you’ve been away on business or vacation and come home to notice that your house doesn’t smell so great? It probably always smelled that way, but you were a little “nose-blind” and never noticed.

A clean home usually smells like…nothing. But that’s practically impossible to maintain if you cook, have children or pets, or just go about the normal activities of life. And, while you may be tempted to reach for one of those store-bought room sprays in hopes of masking the smell, don’t do it. Try one of these simple ways that won’t leave your home smelling artificially fresh.

Add Essential Oils to Your Air Filters

Essential oils continue to grow in popularity. If you have a favorite essential oil scent, you might add a few drops to your home air filter. This will allow the scent to be dispersed throughout your entire home. 

Bake Some Cookies

If you’ve ever walked into someone’s home after a batch of cookies has come out of the oven, you know how good their place smells. There’s nothing quite like it! So, why not bake a batch and let that be the smell in your home? And enjoy a few cookies, too!

Simmer Potpourri

Around the holidays, you’ll often see stovetop potpourri recipes that will help make your home smell wonderful. But you don’t have to try this trick only at the holidays. There are lots of different stovetop potpourris you can make and freshen your home year-round.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are great. They get rid of food waste, and that means less trash. But, unfortunately, you can occasionally find that they hold onto odors. There are several different ways you can clean your garbage disposal, but one of the simplest ways is to use lemon and vinegar ice cubes

Place Dryer Sheets in Your Trash Can

Trash cans are also notorious for holding onto foul odors. A quick and easy way to help keep them from smelling bad is to put a dryer sheet in the bottom of your trash can. Voilà! You’ll instantly have a better smelling trash can!

Use Baking Soda on Your Carpets

Baking soda has a wide variety of uses when it comes to cleaning your home because it’s a natural way to neutralize odors. You can sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda on your carpet and let sit for an hour or two and then vacuum up.

Create Your Own Room Freshening Spray

If you have some essential oils at home and a few other basic ingredients, you can make your own room freshener. You’ll love creating a room spray in a scent you love with nothing artificial in it.

Bring In the Outdoors

If you’re a fan of plants, you’ll be happy to know that they can help your home to smell fresh, too. Plants work to purify your air, and many emit a pleasant scent. Jasmine, rosemary, lavender, and certain orchids smell nice, while Peace Lily and Devil’s Ivy can help to rid your home of certain odors.

There’s no need for your home to have a smell that’s not pleasing to your nose. While keeping your home clean is the best way to obtain that smell you love, you can also try a few of these quick and simple ways. After all, Diane Ackerman said, “Nothing is more memorable than a smell.” So, let the memory of your home be a good one!

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