Take a look around your home. How does it look? Pretty good, right? Of course, it does!

But, no matter how clean your home is, there are most likely some places and things in your house that are still germ magnets. They just can’t help themselves. And, while you may not want to think about it – when you know what they are – you can work to keep them cleaner.

Scientists have done lots of research on the “germiest” things in your home, and these are the top offenders.

Your Kitchen Sponge

This one is probably no surprise to you at all. Because, if you think about it, how clean could a sponge be when you use it to clean other things? And to make matters worse, sponges are hard to clean, leaving the germs and bacteria to thrive. Change your kitchen sponge often to avoid a germ build up.

Your Computer Keyboard

You spend all day pecking at the keys on your computer keyboard. You probably drink your coffee while at it, and you may even eat your lunch – all while typing away. There’s no doubt that it can get dirty. Grab a wipe (such as Clorox or Lysol) and give it a quick cleaning at the end of the work day or each morning before you start your day.

Your Cell Phone

Your cellphone goes everywhere that you do – which means it’s exposed to all of the things you are. But do you remember the last time you cleaned it? That’s okay. Pick up an isopropyl alcohol wipe, and you can disinfect it fast.

Your Pillowcase

After a busy day, as you lay your head down on your pillow, you might not want to think about how dirty it is, but it is. It absorbs all of the dirt and oils from your skin and hair – and it’s unavoidable. Change your pillowcases (and sheets) once per week to keep them fresh.

Your Shoes

If you don’t have a house where your shoes come off at the door, you might want to start. Your shoes are one of the dirtiest things in your home. Put some slippers or sandals by your entrance so that you can take off your shoes as soon as you get home. 

Your Kitchen Towel

Your kitchen towel is a lot like your kitchen sponge in that it gets used repetitively to help clean up spills, wipe away grime, or dry the dishes in your kitchen. Be sure to put your towels in the laundry regularly so that you always have a clean one on hand.

Your Toothbrush Holder

This is one thing you might not even give a second thought to, but you should. Twice each day, you drop a wet toothbrush back into the holder after you’ve brushed your teeth to get rid of the bacteria living in your mouth. But when was the last time you washed your toothbrush holder? Most holders can go in the dishwasher, so be sure to wash it regularly.

Your Coffee Machine

Yes, you use it every day – maybe even multiple times per day – but it probably doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should. Not only could bacteria be lurking in your coffee maker, but if you have hard water, you could have mineral deposits building up. Luckily, cleaning your coffee machine with vinegar is an easy way to solve this problem.

Your Television Remote

The television remote gets handled all the time and, most likely, by multiple people. You also probably have a beverage or snacks while watching tv, and then you switch the channels. And there are all sorts of nooks and crannies on the remote. Wipe it down often to avoid germs.

If you read this and thought to yourself, “It’s time to go do a little cleaning,” – we completely understand. It’s not fun to think about all of the places where dirt and germs are hiding. But thankfully, most of these things are quite small and can be cleaned easily.

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