They shrieked when “Henrietta” opened the door of her home. The sight of her face sent all four of my Mini Maids into a frenzy of hugs and tears.

My staff and myself have built strong relationships with many of our clients, but after 20 years of owning Mini Maid, this sweet moment was one of the most memorable.

The separation

Dr. and Mrs. Ramsey had been one of our clients for the entire length of my ownership. They, understandably, decided to downsize from their 5,000 square-foot home and move into an apartment that was outside our service area.

Three months later, Mrs. Ramsey called and told me that she and her husband were miserable living in an apartment and were moving back into a small home. She wanted to confirm our service area so that they found a home within it.

The plan

Once the Ramsey’s were settled into their new home, we devised a plan. I filed them under the name Henrietta (the name of their bird!) so my team wouldn’t know who they were. When Barbara, Viola, Sheryl and Lashannon asked about this new client, I just played dumb and said I didn’t know much about them.

The implementation

When they called “Henrietta” on the drive over, she even disguised her voice so she didn’t spoil the surprise! Dr. Ramsey was ready with a camera as the door bell rang. As you can see in the video, my team went a bit crazy in disbelief. They threw down their equipment and hugged them while saying “God is good” over and over.

The reunion

They spent the whole cleaning hour catching up and eating already-prepared coffee and donuts. When Mrs. Ramsey paid for the cleaning, I thought the job had been done, so I didn’t think anything of it. A few days later, the team confessed that they didn’t clean at all because Mrs. Ramsey forbid them to!

Dr. and Mrs. Ramsey’s generosity and kindness to our staff is so appreciated. It’s moments like this one that make me realize what a special service Mini Maid offers – not just a good cleaning, but also meaningful relationships.

A thankful owner,
Carol Doak

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