Say it isn’t so! But alas, it is! It will soon be time to head back to school. 

Let the collective groaning start now. 

After a summer of sleeping in, relaxed bedtimes, plenty of fun, and time spent together as a family; it’s time to get back into school mode.

But don’t worry! It’s not all bad news! This back to school survival guide will help you and your children get ready for the return to school.

Add in some educational activities

It’s never too late to add in some educational activities. Think about taking field trips to your local library, museums, the zoo, or a planetarium. You can even direct your children to some educational websites that are really fun when they’re looking for something to do.

Get back in the routine sooner rather than later

In the summer, schedules can get a little bit out of whack. Children may stay up past their usual bedtimes and rise later in the morning. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner times may not be what’s customary in your home. So, rather than waiting for school to start and resume a “normal” schedule, start now. 

Begin school bedtime routines now and wake your children in the morning at the time they will have to get up for school. Additionally, serve meals at their usual school-year times, so kids know what to expect.

Get school supplies early

As soon as you get that list of necessary school supplies, start your shopping. You want to make sure you can get everything your child needs this year – and not have to spend time shopping at multiple locations. 

Also, watch for sales on school supplies and think about picking up some extra things that might be needed mid-year, like crayons, pencils, and pens.

Limit screen time

If the summer meant that the kids had a little more screen time than you expected, start cutting back now. Bring back reading time and get kids in the habit of not jumping on iPads or watching YouTube until homework is complete.

Set up a command center

Back to school can mean that schedules get really crazy and the return of paperwork and notes from school. Create a command center in your home that has a master calendar of everyone’s schedule and a place where important papers can be found. No more lost permission slips or forgotten dance classes when you can easily see them in your command center.

Double-check with your childcare provider

If your children will need before and/or after-school childcare, double-check with your provider to make sure you’re all set. You don’t want to be caught off-guard without someone to watch your children.

Check out after school activities

Lots of activities start their fall enrollment when school starts back up again. If your child is looking to join a new activity or return to something they were doing in the spring, make sure you get them enrolled now.

Establish a learning space

With the return of school comes the return of homework. Make sure you have a place in your home where your kids can work on their school work. It can be in their rooms or in a common area in your home if you like to supervise.

Reach out to school staff if you have concerns/special needs

If you have concerns or special requirements for your child, reach out to your school before the first day. This will give staff at school plenty of time to help you and your child.

Help them get excited about school

Last but not least, help your kids get excited about school. Start a fun countdown and plan a fun night before school starts that celebrates not only the end of summer but the start of school.

Yes, summer may be coming to a close, and school is on the horizon, but with this back-to-school survival guide, you’ll have everything well under control, and the kids will be ready – and excited – to return to learning.

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