Going back to school can be an exciting but anxious time for both kids and parents. There are so many different aspects of back-to-school that need to be prepared well in advance, from buying supplies to organizing schedules and even just getting back into the routine of waking up early again! As a parent, it can be really overwhelming trying to make sure everything is taken care of – including yourself. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful list of tips for both kids and parents on how best to get ready for the upcoming school year. With these in mind, you’ll feel confident that your family will start the school year with all their ducks in a row!

Create a daily routine that includes homework, chores, and free time

Establishing a daily routine is vital to staying productive, especially as we balance various commitments in our lives. One way to better manage our time is to allocate specific blocks for different activities, and this works well for children, too. For instance, planning for homework time followed by chores and free time ensures that kids maintain a balance in their day-to-day tasks. Setting such a routine provides structure, which can help children stay motivated and focused on completing each task. Also, including some free time within their schedule allows them to unwind and recharge before resuming their responsibilities. 

Make sure kids have all the necessary supplies for school 

As a new school year looms ahead, it’s essential to make sure that your kids have all the necessary supplies to set them up for academic success. From pens and pencils to textbooks and notebooks, each item is an essential building block for their learning experience. Ensuring they have everything they need eliminates unnecessary stress and distractions, allowing them to focus on their studies. Plus, having their own personal set of supplies helps foster a sense of responsibility and independence. So, take some time to stock up on supplies, organize them neatly, and watch your little scholars thrive.

Create healthy meal and snack plans for both lunchtime and after-school snacks

As parents, we all want our children to grow up healthy and happy. One of the most important steps in achieving this is ensuring that they are eating a balanced and nutritious diet. This can be a challenge, especially when preparing meals and snacks for the busy school day. But with a little bit of planning, creating healthy meal and snack plans for both lunchtime and after-school snacks can be a breeze. From incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables to including lean proteins and whole grains, there are many options to choose from. So, whether it’s packing a colorful salad or prepping some crunchy veggies and hummus, we can rest easy knowing that our children are getting the nourishment they need to thrive.

Establish a comfortable workspace for kids where they can do their homework

As kids head back to school, it’s crucial to establish a comfortable workspace where they can focus and get their homework done. While some kids may prefer working at a desk, others may find a cozy corner or even the kitchen table more conducive to studying. Make sure the area is well-lit and free from distractions, such as electronics or loud noises. A comfortable chair and a supportive cushion can also help keep kids from fidgeting or becoming uncomfortable during long study sessions. Be sure to involve your child in the process of setting up their workspace so that they feel ownership and are more likely to use it regularly. By creating a designated space for homework, you’ll help set your child up for academic success and show them that you value their education.

Encourage your child to take breaks when needed 

We all want our kids to excel in their studies, but did you know that taking breaks can actually help them stay focused? It may sound counterintuitive, but studies have shown that short breaks can increase productivity and reduce burnout. Encouraging your child to take breaks when needed can help them recharge and refocus, leading to improved academic performance and a happier, more engaged student. So next time you see your child struggling to concentrate, remind them of the importance of taking a quick break and see the positive effects it can have on their studies.

It’s no secret that the transition from summer to school can be tough for kids. But with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make it as smooth and successful as possible. 


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