Busy households, pets and Florida weather seem to make carpet maintenance impossible. Many people feel that the only solution to old, dirty carpets is to replace them with tile or wood floors. However, Mini Maid wants to share some tips for cleaning your carpet and keeping it clean.


Before you do anything, vacuum the space and make sure it is free of visible pet hair, dirt, crumbs and anything else that may be on the surface of your floor. It’s also recommended that if you’re going to do a deep carpet cleaning, that you clear as many pieces of furniture from the room as possible. If you have not done a deep carpet cleaning in a while, you’ll want to clean as much of the carpet as possible to avoid varying carpet colors. The deep carpet cleaning process is also likely to leave your carpet damp, so it’s be better to not have furniture on it to aid the drying process.

Steam Clean

When you begin the deep carpet cleaning process, consider renting a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners use hot water to reach the places where dirt can get trapped. Most steam cleaners recommend an accompanying shampoo to help you achieve the best clean. However, if you are interested in an alternative to these chemicals, Mini Maid has found another option for you.


One item that many articles and bloggers recommend using as a substitute to traditional carpet shampoos is vinegar. Many find vinegar to be a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to the shampoos that are recommended for the rentable carpet cleaning machines.

Don’t forget that the key to upkeeping your carpet is to vacuum regularly. Just vacuuming for 10 minutes a day could make a big difference.

Do you have any special carpet cleaning methods?

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