Get to it. Get it done. Move on to the next thing. Keep moving. Don’t stop. Such is life, right? But wait, is that what life is really all about? Should it be?

Every once in a while the best thing to do is step back, look at your life and remember it’s not always about what’s going to happen. Try these ideas as to how to enjoy your now and stop worrying about your later.

1. Read a book
In a world of 140 characters, novels can seem like daunting feats. Nows the time to pick up a book from Amazon online and wipe the dust from your Kindle. Immersing yourself in another world can open up possibilities in your real one. Take your Sunday to sit down on your couch and pick up that novel you’ve been meaning to read since last Christmas. If you don’t have one in mind, one book I recommend would be Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Remember the book is always better than the movie.

2. Eat good food
The best times usually always come with good food and good company. Food is therapeutic in its own right. Sometimes you just have to say yes to that triple chocolate fudge lava cake. Be a little indulgent once in a while and have a good meal. Plan out a dinner with your family or friends to a good restaurant. Or better yet, take your time and prepare the meal at home. Savor your dinner and go ahead and splurge with that dessert.

3. Take a class
Learning for the sake of learning can be the most rewarding. Without the expectation of earning a degree, you’re free to learn something of your interest without obligation or restrictions. Take a class at your local community college or even at the library. No matter what it is, if it’s something you love you’ll always have a good time.

4. Find an adventure
Sometimes you get comfortable with your daily routine and it gets hard to break away. Taking a day trip can be the thing to break the monotony and bring some color to your life. Gainesville has several local places that are great for weekend adventures. Payne’s Prairie is an amazing park where you can see a variety of wildlife. Devils Millhopper is another enriching and extremely economical trip where you can step away from the everyday. And of course there’s the ocean and the gulf – pick a direction and go. The time is yours.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to remember that these times in your life are just as important as your career or whatever you’re working towards. We can all be caught up in the hurricane of paying bills, cleaning your home, or working towards our goals. It’s okay to enlist help along the way.
Mini Maid is the perfect resource for you in the cleaning and upkeep of your home so you can keep your adventure moving forward. Call today for a free quote and get planning – it’s your choice.

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