Have you ever considered using a cleaning chart to make chores regular and easy?

Every busy mom faces the challenge of finding time to clean the house. Balancing work while also coordinating a family schedule (dinners, kids extracurricular activities, etc.) can be a bit overwhelming. Add cleaning the house into the mix, and you’ve got a lot of stress on your plate! We have created a cleaning chart just for you!

For all the busy moms out there, stay ahead of the mess with these two helpful tips:

1. Create a Schedule

A cleaning schedule is a simple fix. While hiring a maid service like Mini Maid is a great way to get the deep cleaning done, picking up a little every day is important too.

We’ve created a cleaning chart (seen below) for daily and weekly tasks. Use it as is or as a template to create your own unique schedule. The goal is to keep up with small chores every day, rather than cramming it all into your Saturday off. Take it a step further and add the amount of time for completion, set a timer and stick to it!

2. Rally the Troops

Although it seems ideal to clean the house when the kids are out, sometimes it’s best to include them in the process. Spend the time training them to complete the tasks the right way, and then split the chores up! We have a few suggestions about how to teach your kids to clean in our July post.

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