House cleaning can be a drag, but there are ways to make it efficient and even fun for you and your kids.  little girl cleaning the floor

When are you at your best when it comes to picking up around the house?

If you are anything like me, I am cleaning the house like a mad woman as soon as I find out that I’ve got a guest on their way!  I can vacuum, pick up toys, load the dishwasher and even sweep the floors in record time. The kids even pick up on my sense of urgency and will help by their and the playroom.

House Cleaning Games – Play Pretend

Artificially creating this same sense of urgency can be a great way to cram a whole lot of cleaning into a short time frame and have some fun at the same time.  You can engage the kids, turn it into a game and tell them that their favorite cartoon character is on their way over to visit.  Because you want the house to look nice for Dora, Princess Jasmine or Spiderman, you have to focus on getting the house ready and you only have one hour.  Then, make a list of what you plan on getting done and share with your little helpers what they need to clean.  Explain that the visitors won’t arrive until you’re done so we need to HURRY! 


As you spring into action, your kids will pick up on your sense of urgency and follow your example.  Remember, you’re only giving yourself one hour so push it and urge the little ones to do the same.  It might not work smoothly the first time, but as your children get used to playing the “hurry up” game, they will see that you are serious and get to work along with you.

Clean House – Time for Special Guests

Now that you’ve completed your hectic, hurried one hour cleaning session it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself… after all you earned it!  Hopefully the kids have earned it as well and now it’s time for their special guest.  Reward them with their favorite TV show – preferably something on demand, on netflix or something you have readily available.  While they are watching Dora, RELAX, enjoy a nice cool drink and pat yourself on the back for being a house cleaning aficionado!

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