Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world and into your home. This new addition to the family will undoubtedly be taking up most of your time and attention, especially at first as you’re settling into a new routine. During these first months with a new baby at home, it can seem nearly impossible to keep up with even the most basic housework. The first hurdle is simply finding the time for cleaning, but even when you do, you’re likely just plain exhausted. But don’t worry, with the support of your family and a few helpful tricks up your sleeve, you can enjoy bonding with your baby without the clutter building up! Here’s a few helpful tips to handle cleaning with an infant in the house.

Stick to the “One Minute Rule”

The idea behind this rule is that if a task can be completed in less than a minute, you should probably go ahead and do it. Rather than letting a lot of tiny tasks build up, simple chores such as sorting mail, placing a dish in the dishwasher or putting dirty clothes in a hamper should be kept up with. This will lead to much less to do at the end of the day!

Don’t Take it All On at Once!

There is no rule that says you’re obligated to complete every chore in one morning, or even on one day. Chipping away at house cleaning throughout the week will reduce your stress levels and allow you the time to bond with your baby. Simple ideas such as doing a load of laundry each day rather than several at once and cleaning the bathroom one day and the kitchen the next will make a big difference.

Embrace the Power of the Baby Sling

Infants need to be kept close, it’s likely that neither you or your newborn wants to be physically separated for long. This incredible bond is one of the amazing blessings of being a new parent, but it can also be one of the biggest roadblocks to getting housework completed. Luckily, a variety of effective baby slings are available that allow you to keep your baby close while also keeping your hands free. Chores such as cleaning kitchen counters, doing dishes and vacuuming can all easily be completed while your infant sleeps comfortably on your chest.

Enlist the Troops!

This is a huge time of adjustment, and you should never be afraid to ask for help. Relying on your spouse, older children, siblings, parents and friends for support can make a world of difference. They’ll be asking what they can do – so go ahead and tell them! Allowing others to help with housework makes it more feasible to enjoy being a new parent without drowning in clutter.

The team at Mini Maid wishes you much happiness during this exciting time in your life. If you simply need a break from the housework from time to time, consider giving us a call and scheduling a cleaning appointment for your home. We’ll give you time to spend with your family while we scrub your house from top to bottom! Call for a free quote: (352) 374-4141.

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