With all the lovely spring flowers available in the Gainesville area you may be on the lookout for creative ways to display your bouquets. This is the best time of year to show off flowers by creating authentic centerpieces for your home. Flowers can make various statements, whether subtle or dramatic, and it is personal touches like these that make your home special. Check out the following easy DIYs from Gainesville Mini Maid for putting together perfect planters that will give your home a flowering personality!

Floating Flowers:

Give your bedroom an elegant look by featuring floating flowers in a crystal bowl. A combination of peonies, ranunculus and a few tea light candles will give your room a romantic effect. By using floral foam, you can create this floating result with any flower.

If you are hosting an event at home and want to set a casual vibe, use asters, daisies or marigolds to create a colorful, summery feel for your guests. These floating flowers can be great centerpieces for a lunch if accompanied by colorful tea light candles.

Vintage Vases:

Mason jars, teapots, classic urns or tattered clay pots are some of the many containers that can turn elegant to vintage and chic. Make your home more vibrant with these authentic vases and add any flower your heart desires to complete the look. Delphiniums, cornflowers, sweet williams, dahlias and sunflowers will compliment the vases in any area of your home.

Variety of Flowers with Similar Colors:

Match your favorite color with your favorite types of flowers and create a masterpiece! Putting together an arrangement using different flowers in similar shades and adding in a complementary vase will give your home an injection of liveliness. Strip flower stems of leaves, arrange the tallest flowers in the vase first and cut the rest of the flower stems in half so that the heads fall beneath the tallest flowers and fill in the gaps.

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