What’s the dirtiest thing in your house? Hint: it’s not your toilet.

Your toothbrush, keyboard and cell phone often harbor more germs than your toilet seat. Take a look at these tips on how to clean some surprisingly filthy objects around your house.



On a microscopic level, your toothbrush is a scary place! To minimize the millions of bacteria living between the bristles, doctors suggest that you replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. You can also clean your toothbrush every week or so to eliminate bacteria.

We suggest using one of these methods:

  • Soak the bristles in antibacterial mouthwash for 20 minutes

  • Boil it for approximately 3 minutes

  • Wash it in the top rack of the dishwasher


Toothbrush Holder

Just like your toothbrush, your toothbrush holder is covered with germs that can attack your immune system. Remember to run your toothbrush holder through the dishwasher regularly and be sure to let it dry completely to minimize bacterial growth.


Makeup Brushes

Ladies, do you really want to use a dirty makeup brush on your face after all the time and energy you spend keeping your skin clean and clear? To avoid applying old makeup and acne-causing bacteria to your face, regularly clean your brushes with fragrance-free soap and warm water. Be careful to keep the barrel dry so that the bristles don’t loosen. Once you are done washing the brushes, lay them out to dry completely before using them again.


Cell Phone

Think about all of the places you’ve put your phone: the kitchen counter, restaurant tables, a counter in the public restroom? Now imagine how disgusted you would be putting your face on these surfaces! You’re coming into contact with these germs every time you answer a phone call. Whenever your phone comes into contact with something not-so-clean, clean your device with a sanitizing wipe and eliminate the possibility of those germs touching your face.


Remote Control

Everyone in your household will likely touch the television remote control at some point in the day, leaving the device covered in germs. Try and clean your remote every couple of days by removing the remote’s batteries and wiping down the whole remote with a rag. Spray the rag with a solution of half water and half rubbing alcohol. This will kill the bacteria and allow the remote to dry quickly.

Door Handles & Light Switches

Consider how many times you touch these small surfaces every day. Light switches and door knobs accumulate lots of dirt and germs, but luckily they are also quite simple to clean. Just spray them with disinfectant and wipe down with a rag. This should be done on a daily basis, especially the high traffic knobs and switches.

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