Most people have a set routine of cleaning rooms in their home such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, but items and areas we sometimes don’t think about need attention, too! In some cases, the things that we use the most often are the belongings we forget to clean, such as car keys and cell phones. These everyday items can house bacteria and lead to skin irritation or even sickness when not cleaned regularly. Other items that are commonly forgotten when cleaning include:


Electronic Devices

When is the last time you sanitized your cell phone, laptop, or mouse? If you’re like many people, you won’t remember the last time this was done! Most fail to realize the number of germs that electronic devices are exposed to each day. People tote their phones and mobile devices almost everywhere they go these days, including bathrooms, gyms, coffee shops, and restaurants — all places where they can easily pick up germs and bacteria. So, do yourself a favor and give your electronics a good cleaning every few days using antibacterial wipes!


Car Steering Wheels & Cup Holders

Research has shown that the growth of bacteria in cars is most concentrated within cup holders and on steering wheels. These two areas in your car are commonly exposed to spilled drinks, sticky hands and leftover food debris, making it the ideal breeding ground for microbes. Keep some antibacterial wipes handy in the glove compartment and be sure to use them daily.


Credit Cards

Most people know how many germs can be found on coins and bills, but have you ever thought about the germs that can collect on your credit cards? Just imagine how many cashiers and payment terminals come into contact with your card each day, and you’ll start to get the idea!

Researchers at Queen Mary University tested people for germs that linger on their hands, credit cards, and money. Their studies indicated that 11% of bacteria lives on people’s hands, 8% on credit cards, and 6% on money. From these tests, they found a wide array of dangerous germs including staph and fecal bacteria. All the more reason to give your credit cards a quick wipe down after each use!  


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