For most people, cleaning the house is an unavoidable and unpleasant chore that they’d prefer to get out of the way as quickly as possible. As a result, there are many places in a home that are frequently skipped over during housecleaning sessions. Whether it’s because some spots are out of our usual line of sight, or are simply forgotten about, it’s important to remember that just because we may not see dirt and germs, does not mean they aren’t there.

Here are 7 of the most commonly missed areas when cleaning at home:

  • Underneath the Refrigerator — Even if you’re in the habit of keeping the inside of your fridge sparkling clean, there’s a good chance you often forget to scrub the dirt that builds up on the floor beneath it. It’s true that this is a spot that is typically never seen, but it’s still a good idea to clean it every month or so to prevent grime and bacteria from building up.
  • Under the Couch Cushions — Most families enjoy a bit of snacking on the couch while watching television from time to time, and this means that crumbs are likely to build up between and underneath your couch and armchair cushions. This is another place that is typically not in plain sight, but crumbs, dust, coins and even socks can often be found hiding in your sofa. Take the time to remove the cushions and clean and vacuum the area from time to time to avoid the buildup.
  • Remote Controls — These devices are touched by every member of the household on a regular basis, and yet they are too often skipped when it comes to disinfecting. Be sure to wipe them down with antibacterial wipes weekly to avoid the spread of germs (not to mention the unpleasant sensation of grabbing a remote with sticky buttons).
  • Bathroom Mirrors — While most of us remember to regularly clean bathtubs and toilets in our bathrooms, it’s surprising how often mirrors and other glass surfaces are skipped during housecleaning (especially mirrors located in guest bathrooms!). Take the time to wipe them down with glass cleaner each week to remove unseemly smudges and splatters.
  • Toothbrush Holders — This is another spot in the bathroom that too often gets missed when it comes to cleaning. Each time we use our toothbrush and replace it in the holder, water and other residue drips down the handle into the holder. This means that bacteria is building up in the bottom of the holder daily! Don’t forget to rinse them out each week to avoid the spread of germs to your toothbrush and mouth.
  • Large Pieces of Furniture — Big, bulky pieces of furniture, such as sofas, bureaus and entertainment centers, are rarely moved once they are situated in a home. This means that there will almost certainly be dust balls, cobwebs and other dirt and debris collected beneath them. Use a Swiffer or microfiber cloth to clean underneath them at least once a month.
  • Inside the Dishwasher and Washing Machine — These appliances are sometimes mistakenly viewed as being “self cleaning”, but in fact it’s important to actually clean the inside of them from time to time to remove bacteria and mildew. Running a hot bleach wash is the simplest way to keep these machines clean and functioning properly.

It may be helpful to add these commonly missed tasks onto your cleaning checklist in order to help you remember to complete them regularly. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with household chores, you can always contact the friendly team at Mini Maid and we’ll happily assist you with cleaning your home from top to bottom!

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