Easter is finally here! It’s one of the best holidays to come together as family and celebrate through crafts and activities. Need some ideas on how to celebrate Easter with your kids?  Here are 4 different Easter traditions that are fun for the whole family.


Exciting Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing says Easter like an Easter egg hunt! It’s a simple way to spend time with your children and create memories that will last a lifetime.  If there is more than one child participating, create a competition with a grand prize for the child who collects the most eggs. Another way to spice up the competition is to assign point values to different colors. Hide the eggs that represent the lowest point value in plain sight, and hide eggs that represent higher point values in sneaky places!

Clean up tip: If you use real eggs, make sure you count how many you hide so you can ensure you collect them all. No one wants a hidden, rotten egg hidden in your house! A great alternative is to use plastic eggs.


Egg Decorating Fun

Decorating eggs is yet another fun Easter tradition to do with your kids each year. There are several ways to decorate Easter eggs, the most popular being stencils or free handed designs. You can’t make a mistake with art! For design ideas, check out these examples.

Clean up tip: Make sure you use kid-friendly, washable paint to avoid clothing and carpet stains!


Easter treats for all

Cake balls are a fast and easy way to make a fun snack with your kids.

Follow the cake mix instructions from the package to make the cake. Your children could assist you with the stirring and pouring. Once the cake is ready, crumble it while it is still warm and mix it with cake frosting. Allow your children to join the fun by teaching them to scoop pieces of the cake and shape them into cake balls. Once you’re done making the balls, dip them with a fork or a toothpick in colored frosting such as Fondant or Wilton Candy Melts. Place them on wax paper to set. Once settled, slide them in the fridge so they stay fresh until serving time.

Clean up tip: Lining you pan with foil or wax paper is a great way to cut down clean up time.


Bring the White House Tradition to Your Home

The White House hosts an Easter tradition on its lawn each year. Kids must roll an egg with a long-handled spoon through the grass and race to the finish line. Whomever gets to the finish line first, wins! This White House tradition dates back to 1814. Why not bring this Easter tradition to your own backyard? Easter egg roll is an activity that will definitely be a wonderful time for the entire family.

Clean up tip: Using real eggs makes the fun that much greater, but make sure to have a hose handy to spray broken eggs off your lawn!


Easter traditions are a great way to bring the family together and create memories that will last forever. Prepare to have a great time with Easter egg hunts, egg decorating, making delicious treats, and playing games with your kids. Happy Easter!

If you try any of these fun activities, or if you have a a fun Easter tradition you’d like to share, tell Mini Maid about it on our Facebook page!

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