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After a long week of paperwork, phone calls and driving to soccer practice, it’s finally the weekend! With all of the week’s excitement, you still need to go grocery shopping, pay the bills and partake in everyone’s favorite pastime: chores. It’s the weekly routine that never fails to prepare you for the week ahead of you, while often robbing you of any relaxation or down time with the kids. Designating time together as a family each week is important in creating memories and maintaining a close bond with one another, so why should the weekend be all work and no play? Instead of spending every weekend cleaning non-stop, here are some ways that you can spend time with your children without making too much of a mess in the process.

Order out!

Nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal…except for when you don’t have to cook it, that is! Rather than trying to navigate in the car to find where you’re going and who wants to sit where at the restaurant, many places offer to-go options for their dinner menus. This way, you can enjoy your favorite foods without the pile of pots and pans cluttering your sink, lingering in the kitchen for you to wash at some point in the night. Not to mention, ordering food for pick up can give you time to spend with your children, instead of standing in front of a hot stove while they’re in another room. Use paper plates and plastic silverware for an even simpler clean up, and get to your family game night without the hassle of loading the dishwasher!

Go outside

Instead of playing a board game, where half of the game pieces end up on the floor, going outside can be a fun and healthy alternative. Take the paint easels outside for some painting in the sunlight, and get some fresh air and go on a nature walk. Side walk chalk can also be a creative mess-free outlet for you and your kids! Play hop scotch, draw each other or have art contests! The mess stays outside and can be washed away clean with some rain or a hose for multiple days out outdoor fun. By playing outside together, there is less of a mess created inside your home and it allows for some healthy vitamin D exposure from the sun! Easy clean up and fast set-up, trying this out with the family is definitely worth a shot.

Wash the cars together

Not only is this a great way to make memories with your family, but it gets some cleaning done in the process! Have the kids get in their bathing suits and rally up the sponges, soap and a bucket to get started. This activity is great to get everyone out of the house as well, but also teaches the importance of teamwork and having fun at the same time. Giving everyone the chance to spray the hose, and sharing sponges shows how sharing can be fun, and also give you the chance to laugh a little as well.

Mini maid is a great option for when you need a weekend off with the family, free from worrying about what you need to clean and chores that need completing before the weekend is over. From removing cobwebs and picking up the house, to making beds and changing linens, Mini maid wants to ensure your satisfaction in a clean house and a happy home.

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