Summer is around the corner, and you may be thinking about how to keep your kids occupied with mind-stimulating activities, crafts and projects. To help with this, we put together a list of 5 fun ideas to keep children learning (and playing!) all summer long.


  1. Develop a New Skill
    The summer break is a great opportunity for kids to discover a new talent or hobby they may not have had time for during the school year. Is there anything they have always wanted to learn to do? Ask them! Learning how to play a new instrument, sport or activity will help your child build confidence and keep them having fun all summer.
  2. Visit the Zoo
    No matter what age you are, visiting the zoo is always an exciting and educational experience. Enjoy the outdoor air with your kids and watch them learn all about animals and ecosystems. A family trip to the zoo is an absolute must during summer vacation!
  3. Educational Apps
    Many parents worry that their children are spending too much time on their phones, computers and tablets. Rather than trying to get your kids to stop using their precious devices, why not encourage them to download fun, educational Apps that will keep their brains stimulated? Google, Apple and Amazon have all released apps that help children learn and retain all kinds of interesting information. Scroll through the App store with your child and download the educational games you find most appealing.
  4. Summer Day Camp
    Day camp is an opportunity for children to spend their days being physically active, unplug from technology, grow more independent and meet new friends. There are a wide variety of day camps available in most communities, and they give kids the chance to get out of the house and experience new people, places and activities.
  5. Read, Read, Read!
    If your child does not have assigned books to read for classes over the summer, assign your own! Visit the library together frequently and let them know a prize will be given after completion of each book to keep them motivated. Talk together about what books they like best and watch as they discover new worlds and develop a lifelong love for reading.

Help make summer learning exciting and fun for your kids with these healthy activities! And, if you need more time to spend playing with your kids, give Mini Maid a call and we’ll take housecleaning off your summer task list (352) 374-4141.

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