It’s the holiday season, and everyone is in a frenzy of shopping for presents. But what if you have a friend or family member who doesn’t seem to need or want anything? 

Sure, you could go pick up a box of candy or a new candle, but if they’re someone special, you’re probably looking to do something more. Don’t worry! There are lots of ideas out there that won’t have you purchasing a gift that’s going to end up at the bottom of someone’s closet. 

Instead, think about one of these unique gift ideas.

Go On a Scavenger Hunt

Does that man or woman you’re looking to buy for have a sense of adventure? Do they like to solve puzzles and clues? Then how about going on a scavenger hunt together? We’re lucky to have several companies in the Gainesville area that will do all the planning for you! You just show up and have fun! Check out Operation City Quest: Gainesville to see all of the different hunts they have available!

Plan a Staycation

Sometimes you need a break from your routine. So how about planning a staycation? Book that special person a night at a hotel or bed and breakfast (The Laurel Oak Inn is a fabulous choice!), maybe a treatment at the spa, and a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. They’ll love that they didn’t have to do any of the planning and that they won’t have to drive far to get away.

Give a Gift That Saves Them Time

It seems that everyone is busy, busy, busy nowadays – and yet, people long to have time to spend with family and friends. So why not give them a gift that gives them time? A Mini Maid gift certificate will save them from having to clean their home, which means more time doing what they want! 

Attraction Passes

If you want a gift that they’ll use all year long and will think of you every time they do, season passes to their favorite attraction are always a great idea! A museum or one of the amusement parks in Orlando might be the answer. 

A Hello From Their Favorite Celebrity

Does that man or woman have a celebrity that they just love? Maybe an actor, singer, or athlete? Would they be over the moon to receive a personalized message from that person? Then take a look at Cameo! There are tons of celebs on this site and a video message is certainly a unique gift! 

Give the Gift of Learning

Masterclass is a fantastic platform for those who love to learn! There are TONS of classes, including cooking courses with Gordon Ramsey and songwriting and producing with Alicia Keys. You might even take a class together!

Plan a Day/Special Evening

Sometimes all you need is the chance to spend time with someone. Maybe a special evening out or a day at the spa. How about dinner and a show? The Hipp (The Hippodrome Theater) currently has “Miracle on 34th Street.”) You can even take it one step further and create a scratch-off ticket that reveals what you have planned! This way, they have something to open and something to look forward to.

Make a Donation

If that special someone truly has everything they want, then look to find a charity that is dear to them and make a donation in their honor. The possibilities are endless, from animal shelters to groups helping veterans to those working to find cures for various diseases.

Whether you need to do some holiday shopping or you need some gift ideas throughout the year, this list has some that are definitely memorable and will surely be hits! 


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