Marcelene Cox said, “Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door,” – and she was so right! It can feel like you just got your house cleaned, and then it’s time to clean it again. And this is only with the routine cleaning tasks that keep your home looking like you want it.

But what about those areas that may not get cleaned as often or just get missed? Yes, there are some common spots in your home that everyone has a tendency to skip or forget about. So, the next time you feel the need to do a deep clean, ask yourself when was the last time you gave one of the spots below a good cleaning.

Window and Door Tracks

If you keep your windows closed because the air conditioning is on or don’t tend to look down when you step through the sliding doors onto the patio, you may not even notice how dirty the window or door tracks are. But these are notorious for attracting dirt. Taking your vacuum (with the nozzle attachment on) to these places regularly can help immensely.

Ceiling Fans

While you probably use your ceiling fans often, who really takes a good look at the tops of the fan blades? You might not want to if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned them. Of course, you can put a damp cloth on a pole and try and wipe them down, but you’ll end up with dust on you and your floor. 

But there’s a cleaning hack that’s been making the rounds that’s quite brilliant. Climb a ladder (following proper safety) and bring with you a few pillowcases. Slide the pillowcases over the fan blades and then pull them off. Voila! The dirt is in the pillowcases, and your fan blades are clean! Finally, just empty the dust in the trash can and throw the pillowcases in the laundry.


Sure, those lamps light up your home and look great – from a distance. But if you get up close, you may notice that the lampshades could use some attention. They may have a thin layer of dust buildup on them – and that’s not a great look. You can dust them gently with a microfiber cloth or grab a lint brush and use it to grab the dust.

Under Appliances

Raise your hand if you’ve ever kicked a crumb under the refrigerator or oven in hopes that the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind,” would make it disappear? Sure, you can’t see it, but now it’s trapped under a space that may require you to move some major appliances. About every three months, move your major appliances and sweep to remove crumbs and dust bunnies that are hiding beneath them.


Every week you change your sheets and pillowcases and put on clean ones, but when was the last time you washed your pillows? Check the washing instructions tag on your pillows, and you will find that most of them can be laundered at home in your washing machine and then tumble dried on low heat. Like cleaning under your appliances, pillows should be washed once every three months.

Shower Curtain

You probably have a shower liner to help protect your shower curtain from mold and mildew, but it’s not foolproof. Your shower and bathroom are moisture-filled areas, and your shower curtain can be susceptible to mold – even with a liner in place. Take it down and run it through the laundry about once a month to keep it clean.

None of these areas of your home need attention every day – not even every week. But they do need to be cleaned regularly to keep them dust-free, germ-free, and looking their best. 

If you have some areas that need some extra care, Mini Maid can help. Share with us the parts of your home that you’d like to see cleaned, and we’ll get it done! And remember: We guarantee your satisfaction! If you’re not satisfied, simply call us within 24 hours and share your concerns.

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