If you are ready to outsource your home cleaning, you have options and it’s important to know which option is best for you. The two most common options are to either hire a cleaning company or an individual. Here are some things to consider before making your choice.

How much responsibility do you want to assume?

If you hire a cleaning company then the process of recruiting, hiring, screening, training, and everything else falls on the company. You don’t need to spend your time engaging in these employer-type responsibilities. As long as you have selected a company that’s both reputable and credible, then you can relax knowing qualified professionals will show up to clean your home.

When you hire a company, payroll taxes and federal and state unemployment insurance will be managed by them and not you. If you hire an individual you may become responsible for certain tax documents such as a 1099 or a Publication 926. Be sure you know up front how this works.

How much liability do you want to assume?

Just as there is more responsibility with hiring an individual versus a cleaning company, there is also more liability that falls on you as the homeowner. How will any damages to your home be handled? Will you be responsible or will the individual you have hired be required to correct the mishap? Most of the time cleanings will happen without trouble but there certainly is a chance that an incorrect cleaning product ruins your hardwood floors or something gets dropped. This may be especially true when hiring individuals that haven’t received proper training.

Also, consider what happens if the individual you hired gets injured while cleaning your home. This may seem unlikely, but trips and falls do happen. Who will be responsible for medical bills? Worker’s compensation insurance covers these types of accidents and when you hire someone to work in your home, you may be required to provide this.

Who supplies cleaning products and equipment?

Most cleaning companies will supply cleaning products and equipment. Many individuals may not. Be sure to know what supplies you are expected to provide. It’s also worth noting what type of products an individual or cleaning company chooses to use. Are they appropriate for the materials in your house? Are they safe to use around your children or pets? How do they care for and handle their equipment? What type of products a person or company uses and how they care for their equipment may indicate what type of company they are.

It may seem cheaper on the front end to hire an individual but there are some unseen costs that may show up later. After you account for potential taxes and insurance as well as cleaning supplies and equipment, it may not be as cheap as you think. Do your research before making a decision so you know that your family and home are safe. If hiring a cleaning company feels like the right choice for you, click here to receive a free online quote.

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