When it comes to decorating your home, there are all sorts of interior design styles. You have traditional, transitional, mid-century modern, industrial, and many more. But one design style that seems to be growing in popularity is minimalism. 

And, while minimalism may not be for everyone, there are many elements to it that people do love. With its clean lines, lack of colorful accessories, and a definite sense of purpose for the things in your home, minimalism is a great style for those looking to pare back. Minimalism brings with it a look that is both simple and restrained and makes for a less stressful and easier to clean home.

If you’ve been thinking about bringing the minimalist style to your home, or at least playing with various aspects of this design style, here are some ideas to help.

Clear the Clutter

The first step in updating almost any interior design style is to clear the clutter, but it is especially crucial if you’re looking to adopt the minimalist look. Start by clearing countertops and floor space. Then see what furniture and accessories you will no longer need. Finally, clean storage areas so you have room to store items that you want to keep.

Stick to Neutral Colors

When you think of the colors used in a minimalist home, what comes to mind? White is probably the most popular color scheme, as it is bright and clean. But you can really go with any neutral shade you like. Pale grays, tans, creams, even black might be used as you decide on a color palette.

Furnish With the Essentials

Even the smallest home that is decorated in a minimalist style can seem spacious because you choose to furnish your home with only the essentials. Keep the pieces you need and get rid of the rest. And look for furnishings that stick with your chosen colors and have clean lines.

Quality Is Important

Because you have pared down on everything in your home, you want to make sure you are buying high-quality items because everything you have will be getting used repeatedly. Invest in pieces from manufacturers that you know and trust.

Embrace Different Textures

People who are not fans of the minimalist style often complain that it can look boring and one-dimensional. This is why it’s essential that you embrace textures throughout your home. Stick with your chosen colors, but look for fabrics that add texture and dimension. Faux fur, velvet, silk, satin, linen, suede, leather, fringe, and other elements can take a room from drab to dazzling. 

Store Things Stylishly

When you walk into a minimalist home, it looks immaculate – with not a thing out of place. That’s because everything is picked up and stored away out of sight. This means you’ll need some storage solutions that can help hide away the items you need but don’t want on display for all to see. Choose storage solutions that are not only practical but stylish.

Choose Your Decorations and Art Wisely

Just because you’ve decided to go minimalist, doesn’t mean you can’t have any artwork or accessories around your home. It just means you need to choose wisely. You’re going to want to choose simple art pieces and accessories that don’t detract from your style.

Keep It Tidy

Once you’ve adopted the minimalist look, upkeep becomes your most important task. You want to make sure your home is sparkling clean because so much of it is visible. Additionally, you’re going to want to make sure that things are being put back into storage and not left on countertops or tables as that can make your home look cluttered – which is not the look you’re going for. 

If you are looking for an interior design style that makes your home look clean, open, refined, and spacious, then minimalism could be the style for you. After all, Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

If you want additional help keeping your home looking its best, let Mini Maid help. We offer a wide variety of residential services and would be happy to give you an estimate. 

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