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Does your outdoor living space need a summer spruce up? Mini Maid wants you to feel happy and comfortable in your homes including your outdoor space. We have a few tips for you to help make your outdoor space ready for summer BBQs and pool days.

1. Go Shopping. Bring the summertime into your decor! Brighten your patio with colorful accents. Throw pillows or cushions are an easy and cost-efficient way to totally refresh a stale look or alter another season’s decor.

2. Pressure’s On. Sometimes redoing decor only scratches the surface.  Give your deck and old furniture a good pressure wash to remove layers of grime and dirt that can add DECADES to your space’s face. A fresh layer of paint is a great alternative for pieces that may not be able to withstand the pressure.

3. Grow a  Green Thumb. Adding vegetation to your outdoor area can make the space feel like another world.   Summer is a great time to take up gardening. Flowers, greens or even fruits and vegetables are a great way to add natural beauty and liven up your space. It’s also a really therapeutic way to spend your Saturday mornings. Check out these most heat-tolerable plants for Florida’s sunny weather.

If you’re looking forward to giving your outdoor living space a summer spruce up, but need to have it cleaned up first, Mini Maids would be happy to stop by!

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