There’s nothing like coming home to a fresh-smelling house. It feels welcoming and calm, and it makes you feel at ease. But with cooking, pets, kids, and more – a great smelling home can sometimes be hard to come by. So what should you do if that’s the case? Here are a few tips that can help keep your home smelling scentsational!

Use baking soda to absorb odors.

Baking soda can be an amazing tool for absorbing smells in your home. It’s not only effective, but it’s also safe and natural. It absorbs odors, and it can even help to neutralize strong smells like smoke or pet odor. And it’s always a good idea to keep a box in your refrigerator to absorb unwanted food smells.

Open windows when you can.

One easy way to keep your house smelling great is by opening windows often, especially when you’re cooking certain foods that have a strong odor. This will help those cooking aromas to dissipate quickly instead of being trapped inside of your home.

Clean your garbage cans regularly.

Make sure you empty out all of your garbage cans regularly so that they don’t fill up with funky smells. Additionally, check to see if there is any food residue on the interior or exterior of your garbage cans and give them a good scrub if needed.

Check your kitchen and bathrooms for musty smells.

Kitchens and bathrooms are often the main culprits for musty smells. Check to ensure that there isn’t any water pooling on the floor or nearby walls after you shower. Take a look under sinks to make sure you don’t have any leaky faucets. And, be diligent about keeping these areas clean so that they’re not breeding grounds for bacteria which will cause them to smell bad quickly.

Take care of dirty dishes right away.

Make sure you don’t let dirty dishes pile up in the sink. Not only will this create a bad smell, but it can also breed bacteria which is even worse! Wash your dishes right away when they’re done being used so that your kitchen doesn’t have old food smells lingering around for days on end.

Check your garbage disposal.

Sometimes the smells coming from your garbage disposal can be really bad. Make sure that you run it often to keep it smelling fresh and clean, and try pouring some vinegar down the disposal to get rid of any unpleasant odors. (Citrus peels can also help with this.)

Take a look at your washing machine.

Your washing machine can also contribute to musty smells in your home and on your clothes. Check to make sure that you don’t have any water trapped (especially in front-loading machines) and regularly run your washing machine through a cleaning cycle.

Take care of pet odors. 

Pets are part of our family, but they can cause unwanted odors in your home. Be sure to regularly clean your pet’s kennel or bedding, check for accidents (especially on carpets), and make sure food and water bowls are washed often. Additionally, be sure your pet gets regular grooming because a smelly pet can also make your home smell not-so-fresh.

Make DIY potpourri.

You can create an easy potpourri by using essential oils and simmering them with water, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves, etc. Place this mixture on top of a stove burner for 30 minutes before turning off the heat source then leave it overnight so that all those wonderful scents have time to spread throughout your home.

Who doesn’t want to come home to a house that not only looks good but smells amazing, too? With these tips, your home is going to be smelling its absolute best!

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