Creating a compost pile is a great idea for anyone who wants a healthy garden. A compost pile is a collection of decayed organic matter that can be used as a natural plant fertilizer. Not only is it a great way to save money on fertilizer, but it also contributes to healthier plants and limits landfill waste!

For easy access and storage, plastic bins are a great place to start composting, although they are not necessary. When starting a compost pile, it is suggested that you start with a pile of “greens.” This means anything high in nitrogen that can be easily decomposed and turned into protein. Shovel the recycled, decomposed matter to help the soil surrounding your plants to hold onto nutrients and water while slowly reducing landfill waste.

The following is a list of DOs and DON’Ts to help keep your plants happy and healthy:


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Things to use:

Grass clippings
Egg shells
Leftover fruits and vegetables and their peels
Stale bread/ grain products
Coffee grounds (and filters!)
Tea bags
Shredded newspapers and cardboard
Corn stalks
Nut shells
Shells from seafood
Condiments and sauces
Cut flowers
Grass clippings
Hair or fur
Table scraps
Dryer lint
Sawdust/wood chips


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Things not to use:

Meat scraps
Dairy products
Diseased plants
Bermuda grass
Cat/dog feces
Wood ash
Fish meat
Weed seeds




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