Have you ever come home, looked around and wondered “how did it get so messy”? Between juggling work, taking care of the kids, running errands, and getting dinner together, cleaning may be the last thing on your mind. The first step to solving your cleaning issues is to realize what your current habits are. The Mini Maid team has created a short questionnaire to help you recognize the habits you have that can potentially lead to clutter!


  • When you come home from work are you more likely to take a nap or to get things prepared for dinner?
  • Are you one who cleans as you cook or do you wait until you’re done?
  • Do you hang your jacket in the closet or does your chair become a clothes rack?
  • If you begin to see your dirty clothes pile up do you begin washing them or wait until the end of the week?


Can you relate to things like throwing clothes down when you get home or letting the dishes pile up? No need to worry because we have created a guide to help you keep your house in order so you can come home to a clean house everyday!


  • Put it away – If you normally come home and begin to unwind, first make sure that you’re putting things where they belong. Hanging up coats, putting your shoes away, and utilizing the dirty hamper allow for your space to remain clean.


  • Wash it – Between preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner the amount of dishes that pile up can be overwhelming– so why not wash as you go.


  • Take them off – Think about the amount of walking in different environments that you do daily basis. Taking your shoes off before walking around your home helps you minimize sweeping and vacuuming.  


  • Make it up – Simply fluffing your couch pillows and making your bed will make everything look more orderly.


This is a no-judgement zone! The Mini Maid team fully understands that life may get hectic during the week and cleaning maybe the last thing on your to-do list. If that is the case, call us today at (352) 374-4141 so we can solve your cleaning needs.

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