Giggle Magazine article
Written by Mary Anne Eades

It’s important to remember that life comes in stages, especially with kids. As soon as a schedule is finally established, another child is born, extracurricular activities are joined or middle school arrives. That’s the one constant thing in Carol Doak’s life – change.

Carol is the owner and operating manager of the Alachua County cleaning service, Mini Maid, but being a mom is her first priority. With her three children all grown up, she has some advice for other moms who are battling the decision to pursue being a busy entrepreneur while also being an attentive mother.

Choose lifestyle {over money}

Carol insists that lifestyle and money are two terms that are used interchangeably, but are actually very different.

When Carol and her husband, Bob, first started their family together, they both worked closely with the CEO of a major corporation in the Northeast; Carol as his assistant and Bob as his pilot.

“We worked when he worked, and we worked when he played,” Carol said. “Working 60-plus hours a week with a 1-, 2- and 4-year old at home was hard.”


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