Your business is your pride and joy. You have great customers and amazing employees. You’ve got your marketing down, and your business continues to grow. Things are going really well.

Then you walk into the break room – and it’s a mess. You walk to the front door – and there are fingerprints on the glass. You walk back to your office and notice that the rugs definitely need to be vacuumed. 

So, while everything else at work is going well, your office could use a little help when it comes to keeping it clean. No problem. Use these tips to help keep your business tidy and looking great.

Identify Problem Areas

If you take a hard look at your business, you can probably quickly identify the problem areas. Usually, it’s the high-traffic areas like your main entryway, the breakroom, restrooms, and by copy machines and other shared equipment. If you know the areas that will need extra help, you can make sure they get additional attention.

Disinfect High Touch Areas Regularly

Light switches, doorknobs and shared printers and copiers can harbor bacteria and viruses. Sanitizing these daily will go a long way to keeping employees healthy and reducing the spread of illness in the office. Consider assigning this as a daily task that rotates amongst your employees. And don’t forget to give them a microfiber cloth and good disinfectant. 

Encourage Employees Not to Eat at Their Desks

Lots of employees work through their lunch hour. They eat at their desks and try to be as productive as possible. But, this can make desk areas messy with spilled drinks and crumbs, not to mention the smells of different cuisines. Set up a breakroom or kitchen area where your employees can have lunch – and encourage them to use it. This will keep the food and drinks at least somewhat contained to one area. And, it will also help prevent pests (like ants) from coming into your workplace.

Provide Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

You want to make sure you have plenty of trash cans and recycling bins placed around your office or business. Whether it be for customers or employees, you want bins that are visible and easily accessible to encourage use. 

Enlist Employees to Help With Cleaning

Yes, you can ask your employees to help with keeping your business clean. Simple things like taking out the trash, washing the front door glass, or giving the carpet a quick vacuum can be delegated to employees. And then rotate through the assigned tasks so that the same person isn’t doing the same job all the time.

Provide All The Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Make sure you have all of the necessary cleaning supplies. There’s nothing worse than going to start a task and finding out you don’t have what you need. Keep all of the supplies in a central location and let your staff know where they are. Additionally, devise a system so that supplies can be replenished as needed. 

Give the Restrooms Extra Attention

Restrooms are notorious for being a mess, but they don’t have to be. Give them some extra attention. If most cleaning tasks are completed once or twice per week, you may need to make restrooms a daily thing – especially if they are available to your customers. Customers expect clean restrooms.

Stay On Top of Things

The worst thing that can happen is to let the cleaning slide for a while –  then you end up with a bigger mess. Stay on top of things, so this doesn’t happen. It can be as simple as posting a chore chart and having people initial when cleaning tasks are completed.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Of course, if you want to make keeping your office clean as stress-free as possible, hire a professional cleaning crew. When you hire a professional service, you and your staff can focus on your business, while the cleaning service makes sure your office is immaculate. 

Keep in mind,  A professional cleaning service, such as Mini Maid, can send in a team and clean your space from top to bottom quickly – and they can do this during regular business hours, so access to your offices at night is not needed. 

When you follow these tips, you can help keep your business looking great – which is essential when it comes to making a good impression with your customers. And if you’d like assistance from a trusted professional, call Mini Maid today at 352-374-4141 or use our online commercial cleaning quote to get started. 

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