With busy schedules, conflicting evening activities, and increasingly longer work hours, it can be a real challenge to find time to spend together on a regular basis, much less to properly celebrate what is special about your family. That’s why fun family holidays — such as Father’s Day — are so important.

Why not change it up this year, abandon the tie section of your nearest department store, and make this Father’s Day one your whole family will remember? To help out, here’s a few fun ideas the team at Mini Maid put together for celebrating Father’s Day in ways he’ll truly appreciate.

  • Dial down the pressure. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or another special day, holidays unfortunately tend to carry with them the pressure to make everything perfect. In truth, what Dad likely wants this holiday is the exact opposite! A day free from stress and pressure (even the pressure of having a “perfect day”) is always appreciated. Let Dad enjoy a day with no deadlines, no obligations, and no rushing around, and let the whole family get in on it. A day of pure peace and relaxation is the best gift anyone can receive.
  • Just spend time together. Rather than worrying about rushing out to the store with the kids to buy Dad the perfect gift, or spending the whole day cleaning or cooking in an effort to create a flawless evening — why not just loaf around the house as a family on Father’s Day? Spend time together playing in the yard, find a fun family flick on Netflix to watch together, order in a pizza and enjoy an easy meal together. The possibilities are endless – the key is doing not much of anything, but doing it
  • Turn up the romance. It’s easy to forget that Father’s Day is more than just a day to thank him for being a wonderful dad, it’s also a day to celebrate your partnership and friendship as a couple. Be sure to let him know how much he means to you—as a partner and as the father of your children. Father’s Day is all about showing the love, so don’t forget to tell him you love him or skimp on the hugs and kisses!
  • Ask questions! Resist the urge to conspire with the kids in planning your idea of a perfect Father’s Day down to every last detail. Instead, get together as a family and ask Dad what he wants to spend the day doing. Whether you end up watching a game, going fishing, or curled up in front of the television, you’ll all be happy in the knowledge that he got just the day he wanted.

Remember, whether it is Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a child’s birthday, or any other holiday, it’s never necessary to spend a ton of money on extravagant gifts or meals to make a day truly special. The best days are those a family spends together simply enjoying one another!

If you’re looking for ways to open up hours in your week to spend time with the ones that matter most, consider contacting Mini Maid for a free online house cleaning quote. We’ll handle the cleaning so you can spend more time having fun with your family.

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