Officially observed each year on February 17th (that’s today!), the celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day has steadily grown in popularity in recent years. Started in Colorado in 1995, the original idea behind this holiday is to simply make the world a better place by spreading a little unexpected kindness and joy to those around us.


Whether you choose to lift someone up with a few kind words, compliment them on their appearance, or lend them a hand with something, all sorts of simple actions and favors can easily help bring a smile to other people’s faces. At Gainesville Mini Maid, we believe every day should be Random Acts of Kindness Day! Check out our Causes page to see a few of the ways we work to give back and lift hearts in our community.

We invite you to join us today in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day by taking the time to spread a bit of joy to your friends and loved ones (or even to strangers)! Here’s a helpful list of awesome (and easy!) ways to make a difference and make someone else’s day.

  • Volunteer to serve a meal at a soup kitchen.
  • Bring a well-behaved pet to a senior center.
  • Buy a stranger in line behind you a coffee.
  • Donate books to your local library.
  • Call a friend or family member just to say “Hi, I’m thinking of you!”
  • Donate clothes to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or similar organizations.
  • Write a testimonial about a company or product you like and share it online.
  • Help maintain a community garden.
  • Buy donuts or bagels for your office.
  • Offer to babysit for children of busy parents for free.
  • Call the manager of a store clerk who was especially helpful to you, and tell the manager how helpful the clerk was.
  • Pick up some litter on the roadside or in a local park.
  • Feed a stranger’s parking meter if it is about to expire.
  • Organize a food drive for a local food pantry.
  • Why not surprise someone that you love, or someone you know who’s going through a tough time, with a gift certificate for a team house cleaning from Mini Maid? Nothing cheers someone up quite like coming home to a sparkling clean home!

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