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It’s 5 p.m. in Gainesville and instead of staying hydrated at your local watering hole, you’re getting soaked from the daily thunderstorm. All of this rain is great for your garden but can dampen your day by causing an excess growth of mold in and around your home.

Mold is a fungi that grows in warm, damp and humid atmospheres that spread and reproduce by making spores. Studies show that exposure to mold can cause young children to develop asthma and can cause upper respiratory tract symptoms in healthy adults. Mold is typically found underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, behind walls that house plumbing, under carpets that are prone to spills, around air-conditioning units and under stacks of damp, wet papers or cardboard boxes. Here are some helpful hints to keeping your home mold free:

  • Mold can be removed from hard surfaces by combining one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. Be sure to not mix bleach with other household cleaners because the concoction will produce dangerous, toxic fumes that are worse on your health than the mold.

Keep a watchful eye on your AC unit and ventilation system. Not only should you keep your AC unit on (c’mon it’s hot!) but periodically have it cleaned to ensure that they are not producing more moisture for mold to grow on.
Try to stay on top of any leaky ceilings or faulty gutters. We all know how common it is for a heavy storm to cause roof damage. Have any overhanging branches trimmed and be mindful of flat surfaces on your roof where water may puddle and cause damage.

Consider purchasing a dehumidifier. This will keep any excess moisture out of your home to prevent more mold from growing.
Shower with the bathroom exhaust fan on. Bathroom exhaust fans pull the airborne moisture from the air to keep the bathroom clean and safe.

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