New moms reading this will learn that having a young child essentially means giving up one limb. Simple daily activities such as loading the wash, wiping down surfaces, feeding the pet, and even sending a text can all turn into olympic challenges. Here are a few tips to help you dominate the One-Handed Games.

Morning Coffee. If there is two things that should never be mixed it’s babies and coffee grains. Avoid the mess and take a win for the team by investing in a Keurig. Different coffee brands now make eco-friendly K-cups so that you can still feel good about your environmental stewardship.

Food Prep. While coffee and babies can messy, knives and babies can be dangerous. Brands like Cuisinart and Pampered Chef make products like the chopper that cover and contain the blade. Just stick the vegetables under the plastic casing and push down on the top. Your veggies will be chopped and diced safely and one-handedly. For canned veggies try products like the OneTouch Can Opener to cut and remove the lid with “one-touch.” #Winning

Bottle and Bedtime. Sometimes mommy needs a little night cap too. Brands like Oster make electric wine bottle openers.  You can warm the milk and pour mommy’s treat all without having to put the little one down to do it.


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