Have you ever spent countless hours on Pinterest drooling over recipes, home organizing ideas, DIY projects or even hair style ideas only to pin it and then lose it forever? Pinterest can be an amazing resource, but not if you can’t find anything you save. We have four awesome tips for you to organize your personal Pinterest account in the most efficient way possible!

Alphabetize Pinterest boards: This may seem excessive, but once you become a Pinterest pro and have over 50 boards, this will help you navigate your past pins with ease when you’re searching something specific. All you need to do is click and drag on a board and you can move it wherever you want to on your home screen. If alphabetizing isn’t your thing, you can try other systems. But the bigger the board, the more difficult it will be to keep up with a creative organizational system. Sometimes less is more.

Categorize Boards: Not only does this help you stay organized, but it also helps your followers by telling them what they can expect within each of your boards.

Subcategories: As your Pinterest grows, so should your layers of organization. For example, if you have a “recipes” category, branch that out into ‘breakfast,’ ‘savory,’ ‘desserts,’ etc., as the board grows in order to keep it from getting overwhelming to look at.

Picture says a 1000 words: In addition to naming your categories, choose appropriate pins for the cover images. When you’re trying to find something fast, or when you have a lot of information in front of you, images can help you visually process faster and help you make a decision.
So your next project – reorganizing your Pinterest. Then you can roll up your sleeves, get crafty and start bringing your pins to life!

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