Dusting. It’s quite possibly everyone’s least favorite thing to do. Ok, maybe that’s toilets but still, dusting takes a lot of work! That’s probably why there are so many articles, tools and hacks surrounding this pesky chore. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled our best dusting tips in one handy post. Read on for our favorite tricks and hacks. 

Tips for Hard To Dust Places:

Bathroom Vents

Bathroom vents are notoriously dusty and equally hard to reach. Between the moisture and all the lint, it’s no wonder these things always seem to have a layer of dust on them. What’s worse, when you reach up to wipe it away, all that dust falls on you or the floor. To pull away damp dust (and keep it off your floor), use your vacuum with the brush attachment. It’ll make dusting vents a breeze.


Bent down dusting baseboards is brutal on your back and knees. To dust baseboards from a more comfortable upright position, tie an old sock or microfiber cloth around the end of a broom. Simply “sweep” the dust away!

Delicate Items & Small Knick Knacks

Fake plants, awards and other trinkets are lovely to display but can be a real pain to dust. You need something gentle but tough enough to do the job. Grab a soft paintbrush or makeup brush (never been used is best) for dusting your fine collectables. The brush hairs will pick up dust without damaging your belongings. Have a particularly intricate piece? Use a can of air to blow the dust away.


Dust on blinds is hard to hide when that Florida sunshine comes through your window. Somehow the sun just enhances the layer of dust. To easily and quickly dust blinds, put an old sock over you hand. Simply grab each blind individually and wipe your hand across, fingers on top and thumb on the bottom. Feeling a little creative? Tie microfiber towels around tongs (one towel per tong). Close the tongs around each blind and slide. 

Ceiling Fan

Ceilings fans by nature get very dusty, very quickly. And while the easiest way to clean them is to purchase a ceiling fan duster, you may not have one on-hand when cleaning day arrives. Instead, use a pillowcase. Gently place each fan blade one by one in the pillowcase and slide the pillowcase down the blade. All the dust will fall into the pillowcase and not all over your floor or face. Yuck! Once you’re done, empty the pillowcase into the trash and wash. Easy!

Ready to tackle the shades and glass globes? The trick here is even better. Just place them in your dishwasher! They’ll be sparkling in no time. 

Dusting Tips to Save You Time:

Dust Top to Bottom (and then vacuum)

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the chore of dusting. Pretty much everything needs to be dusted eventually. Before you get started, be sure to dust smart. Always dust from top to bottom. Inevitable some dust will “fall” off of what you are dusting. This may be to a lower shelf, piece of furniture or the floor. If you start at the top, eventually all missed dust will end up on the floor and a quick vacuum will finish the job.

Don’t Use Too Much Furniture Polish

It’s a myth that you should use furniture polish every time you dust. In fact, using polish too often causing a gunky buildup on furniture, and gunky buildup attracts and holds dust. Only use polish occasionally. A damp (with water) microfiber cloth works best for dusting furniture.

Prevent Dust 

There’s an old saying that goes “prevention is better than the cure”. That policy holds true for dusting as well. Replace your air filters often. Most last between 1 and 3 months. Clean air filters trap and hold more dust, pollen and dander than dirty ones do. Also, check weather striping around doors and windows. You’d be surprised how much dust can slip in through inadequate seals. 

Stay on top of it. 

Finally, when it comes to dusting, it’s best to stay on top of it. Dust is not only unsightly, it’s pretty gross. According to a study cited on MSN, dust is comprised of dead skin, fungi and bacteria ranging from the benign to the potentially harmful like Staphylococcus aureus. If after using these tips you’re still struggling to find time to dust, consider hiring a cleaning company to help you out. 

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