Preparing meals at home can be a fun, healthy and family-oriented activity to look forward to each day. However, no one looks forward to the extensive clean-up that comes at the end of cooking a large family meal. After enjoying a delicious, relaxing dinner, the last thing anyone wants to do is return to the kitchen and tackle the mountain of dishes or wipe all the smears and spills from the countertops. Instead, why not plan ahead and clean as you prep and cook your food? You’ll reduce stress levels in the kitchen and eliminate clean-up time following your meal.

Here’s How it Works!

  1. After using a dish or utensil, you probably drop it in the sink or set it on the counter. Instead, start taking a few seconds to either go ahead and wash easy items like this and place them on a rack to dry, or load them straight into the dishwasher. This way, no one has to come back later and clean up all the stray pans, bowls and cooking utensils left in a messy trail throughout the kitchen.
  1. Keep in mind that cleaning a “fresh mess” is always faster and easier than cleaning up spills that have had time to harden, stick and congeal to counters and appliances.
  1. Whether you realize it or not, there are actually lots of little moments of “down time” that arise when while you’re preparing and cooking food. For example, while waiting for water to boil or an oven to heat up, take a moment to tidy up the counters and put items away. This helps you make progress keeping the kitchen clean while you’re already in there, rather than having to come back after the meal to clean the kitchen from top to bottom.

We hope this helpful time-saving tip will allow you to do more of the activities that you enjoy after having a meal, such as spending time with your family, curling up with a good book or settling in on the couch to watch a movie. If you’re looking to save even more time, or if your kitchen could really use a deep cleaning, why not let Mini Maid handle it for you? Our team of professional maids will leave your home spotless and give you more time to spend on the important things. Call us today! (352) 374-4141.

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