Extensive, deep cleaning of your home is a lot of work and can be both time consuming and exhausting. Some days, you just don’t feel up to it or you simply don’t have the time. Luckily, it is not necessary to clean your entire house from top to bottom each and every day. In fact, if you adhere to the following easy tips for how to maintain order in your home by carrying out a few quick tasks each day, you can keep a clean and tidy house with less effort than you think.

Take a Few Moments Each Day To:


This is such a fast and simple morning task, yet it often gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle between showers, breakfast and packing lunches for the day. However, taking just a few minutes to make the beds in your home right after getting up in the morning is an easy way to add a noticeable sense of order to the house. (Get the kids into this morning habit and you’ll save even more time!)


As soon as morning showers have been completed for the day, take a few minutes to complete a quick bathroom wipe down! Clean off the countertops by putting away all personal items and beauty products. Wipe around the sink to remove excess water, dust, makeup, and hair. Then, simply spray the shower down with a daily shower cleaner and a dry cloth. Finish up by giving the bathroom floor a quick wipe with a used bathroom towel (then toss it in the hamper). All of this will take less than five minutes and will leave your bathroom tidy and clean each day.


We’re all familiar with how easily the kitchen can get out of hand — dishes pile up and stacks of mail, magazines and homework seem to appear as if out of nowhere. One smart way to stay a step ahead of the mess in the kitchen is to make it a rule to always leave counters clutter-free. Place dishes in the dishwasher or in cabinets and put away other miscellaneous items as they show up throughout the day. This will make for an organized space (and a less overwhelmed you)!


Letting laundry pile up in hampers, in bathrooms and on bedroom floors throughout the house is a sure-fire path toward stress and irritation by the end of the week. No one likes being stuck with endless loads of laundry to wash, dry and fold all weekend long! Instead, be sure to set aside enough time each day to complete the wash and dry cycle of just one load. Taking turns with family members on this daily task will ensure that nobody winds up feeling like all they do is laundry all week long.


At the end of each day, take 10-15 minutes to do a quick sweep of each room in the house, removing clutter, putting clothes and towels in the hamper, removing dishes from where they don’t belong, and just generally tidying up. Taking a few moments to do this daily will save you time at the end of the week and will ensure you wake up each morning to a tidy, organized house.

When you’re ready for a break from daily tidying up, or if your home is in need of a thorough deep cleaning session, give the housekeeping professionals at Mini Maid a call! You can request a free online quote or schedule one-time or ongoing cleaning sessions. (352) 374-4141

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