If you’re lucky enough to have been chosen to host the annual neighborhood or family 4th of July BBQ, you may be wondering how you’re possibly going to make it memorable. After all, aren’t most Independence Day parties basically the same — with hamburgers, hotdogs, sparklers and ice cream? If you’re looking to kick things up a notch and make a more memorable 4th for your family and friends, why not try out some of the following easy (yet unique) ideas to get you started?

  • Make a Play on the Theme
    Everyone knows a true 4th of July party requires the traditional motif of red, white, and blue. But why not make a few fun tweaks and freshen up the theme and decor a bit? Examples could include combining themes, “4th of July in the Islands” or “4th of July in Outer Space”, for example. If that’s too far out there for you, you can also have fun with the Independence Day theme by asking all the guests to wear red, white, and blue.
  • Add Some Variety on the Grill
    Instead of grilling up only the humdrum burgers and hotdogs that everyone is expecting, spice things up with the addition of grilled shrimp skewers, chicken and veggie kebabs, or even grilled flatbread pizzas. People will be impressed with your more modern take on the BBQ, plus these options are healthier and still delicious!
  • Spike Things Up!
    It’s a given that you’ll have the standard lemonade and soda on hand for the kids, but why not surprise the grown-ups at the party by making an addition to the beer cooler full of cold ones? Fancy things up a bit with a trendy craft cocktail station! There’s tons of delicious and refreshing recipes online that are sure to thrill the adults at your BBQ and help them to celebrate the 4th right. Here’s a few to get things started: Moscow Mule, Sangria, Blood Orange Margarita 
  • Have Fun with the Playlist
    Party playlists are always a challenge since it’s pretty much impossible to please everyone. As a result, most people play it safe at 4th of July parties and stick with old school classic rock that everyone is familiar with, country music or familiar Americana standards. There’s nothing wrong with any of those, of course, but you can appeal to a wider crowd adding in a few unexpected surprises. Change up your playlist by throwing in some current Top 40 hits, old fifties songs, some Frank Sinatra, or even some sing-along Disney classics that everyone will know the words to.
  • Provide Easy Outdoor Activities
    We’ve all been to plenty of friends and family BBQs where you relax, eat and chat the day away. And for many people that’s the definition of the perfect holiday celebration. However, if you have a lot of kids or teens in your crowd, or just adults who enjoy more active parties, it’s a good idea to have a few party games or light activities planned. It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated! Maybe set up a croquet course or bocce ball court, or put out a cornhole set or dart board. These are games that can be picked up casually and serve to liven things up and add to topics of conversation.

Once you’ve planned your party and invitations have been sent, don’t forgot to give Mini Maid a call to schedule a team house cleaning for the day following your BBQ. We can handle the after party mess while you give yourself a much deserved break from planning, organizing and cleaning! (352) 374-4141

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