Make a mess, clean it up

Accumulation is a terrible word. It stands for days – or even weeks – of messes that weren’t cleaned up in a timely manner. Accumulation happens when six meals worth of dishes are in the sink. Or when every trashcan in the house is so full that there are no more (acceptable) places to throw away garbage. Cleaning up an accumulated mess is much more difficult, harder to start and takes more time than cleaning up small messes as they happen.

The 15-minute Sweep

One practical way to cut down on this buildup of messes is to spend just 15 minutes at the end of each day “sweeping” the house, throwing away trash and replacing items to where they belong. Ask your spouse or kids to join in and cut that time in half.

Donate toys

Most parents out there agree that toddler toys just aren’t that fun. The five Tonka trucks and 12 incomplete puzzle sets are just waiting to be strewn around the living room. Every. Day. Keep a few favorite and/or educational toys for your kids but donate the unnecessary ones to charity.

Establish some rules

Whether you have kids or not, guidelines for cleanliness will help yourself, your roommates or your family enjoy being home more. Those guidelines can only be determined by those living in your home, so make a point to discuss, determine and follow them. Some of our suggestions would be having a designated area for food, not leaving a mess in the common areas for more than 24 hours or establishing a chore chart to delegate responsibilities.

These tips will help cut down on the clutter in your home so that you can spend less time cleaning, but for a deep clean call Mini Maid! We’ll scrub the dreaded toilets, kitchen floors and more so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your home and family!

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