Every kid looks forward to Halloween — the costumes, the candy — what’s not to love? But for many parents, Halloween can be more stressful than exciting. Stressing out about finding the perfect costumes, worrying over your child’s sugar intake, planning parties, and coordinating Trick or Treating can be a lot to handle.


If you’re feeling burned out before Halloween has even begun, consider spicing things up this year by adding in some new family activities and traditions to the holiday. Sometimes the best solution is to change things up!


  • Trick Or Treating – Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without Trick or Treating. But instead of the standard routine, this year why not invite some of your best adult friends and their kids to join your group? Turning a treat that’s usually just for kids into a fun mini-party for the parents is the perfect trick to perk up your evening!


  • Pumpkin Carving – One of the most fundamental Halloween traditions, pumpkin carving, can be fun for the whole family. But, let’s face it, it can also be sticky, smelly, and messy! Why not try something new this year and break out the paints instead of the carving tools? Skip the pumpkin guts, and create beautiful art that will last a lot longer!


  • Spooky Scavenging – Kids always love to play hide and seek, and you can turn it up a notch for Halloween! Make a trip to your local craft or Halloween store and stock up on some fun seasonal items to set up an awesome Halloween-themed scavenger hunt. Make up clues and challenge your kids to find as many items as they can hidden throughout your home. Let them invite a few friends and you’ll be the biggest hit on the block!


  • Pumpkin Bowling – Yep, you read that right! All it takes is ten tin cans (decorated with spooky Halloween images, of course!) set up as pins and a Jack Be Little mini pumpkin to serve as the bowling ball — and you’ve got yourself a family friendly bowling game that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Try it out at your child’s Halloween party for an “Outside the Box” game that no one will have seen before.


Need some help cleaning up after your Halloween festivities? That’s what we’re here for! Give the team at Gainesville Mini Maid a call and schedule a team cleaning to handle the mess — we’ve got you covered (352) 374-4141!

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