Do you know a phrase that parents hate to hear from their children? While there are probably many, one of the most dreaded – especially during the summer is: I’m bored!


When you hear those words, you probably can’t help but think, “How can you be bored? It’s summer!” Nonetheless, they’ve said it, and they’re hoping you can fix it. So this summer, when those words are spoken, these summer boredom busters are here to help!

Arts and Crafts

Getting out the art supplies is always a good idea. The kids can do some crafts and let their creativity flow. Need some ideas for crafting – here are a few the kids just might like:

  • Painted Tic-Tac-Toe Rocks – This is an excellent project because you can start by having the kids gather the rocks while you take a walk. Then they get crafty and paint the rocks. Finally, they can play tic-tac-toe when their project is dry.
  • Squeezy Oozy Painted Flower Pot Craft – This is a project for a nice day as it’s going to be a little messy – but that’s why the kids will love it. (Put down some cardboard boxes or disposable table cloth for easy cleanup.) And once they’ve made their flower pots, head to the nursery or garden center to get some flowers or herbs to fill it.
  • Sharpie Tie-Dye – If you’re looking for an easier alternative to traditional tie-dye, give Sharpie Tie-dye a try! You can use t-shirts or pillowcases or just about whatever you want to create something really fun!
  • Fluffy Slime – The kids will be excited at just the mention of slime, but they’re really going to enjoy this fluffy slime. They can dye any color they wish and have hours of fun with their creation.

Reading Time

If everyone needs a bit of peace and quiet during the day, it’s a great idea to implement “Reading Time.” You can designate a set time when everyone grabs a book and finds a quiet place to read or pick one book that you’ll read together – either with you (or the kids) reading aloud or using an audiobook.

Outdoor Games

Do your kids head outdoors to play games? Maybe it’s because they don’t know many! Use this summer to teach them some outdoor games that they’ll love to play! 

Pack a Picnic and Go…

If you have the time, why not pack a picnic and go someplace when you hear those dreaded words? It doesn’t have to be far! Find a new park to explore and just sit and enjoy the day!

Get the Kids in the Kitchen

Another phrase parents don’t like to hear is: I’m hungry! But it gets said a lot. The next time you hear it, encourage the kids to get in the kitchen and teach them some basic recipes. You might be surprised by how capable they are. And Taste of Home has put together a list of 70 recipes they can try if you’re stuck for ideas.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts can be a great way to pass the time. Buggy and Buddy have put together a list of  30+ different scavenger hunts – all with free printables! There are lots of different ones to choose from – so you can do this activity more than once over the summer.

This summer, don’t let the kids drive you crazy with the words, “I’m bored.” Instead, be ready with some fun boredom busters that you will all have fun doing!

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